January 8, 2015
I want to give you another update on our search for the next Dean of the Tuck School. Back in July, the Search Committee was charged with giving Dartmouth Provost Carolyn Dever a small number of the best candidates that we could find.  After reviewing many possible candidates and interviewing a smaller number of them, we gave the Provost names of several individuals, each who we believe is capable of being a superb Dean of the Tuck School.  Each of these candidates has stellar administrative experience and through their life's work demonstrate that they understand well all the important aspects of a modern business school - from research and teaching to the overall living and learning environment, alumni and development, and admissions and career development.  While different, any one of the candidates would be an excellent leader and representative of the Tuck School on the global stage.  As I said before, the Search Committee was very happy with our overall pool and in the end we are very satisfied with the candidates we put forward. 

Before the holiday break, these candidates came through on campus visits and met with various people across campus.  Members of the Search Committee had a final dinner with each of them. At this point, the Provost is reviewing all the feedback on the candidates, getting more information, and consulting with others.  It is clear that the Provost as well as the President are being very deliberate about this. Having seen many searches, I do need to say that it is not over until...well until it is over!  So while we are optimistic that we will have a new Dean to rally around in the near future, we are not there yet. On behalf of the entire Dean Search Committee*, I also want to thank you for your patience and for your support of the Committee’s work.   

Bob Hansen

*Professors Kusum Ailawadi, Giovanni Gavetti, Jonathan Lewellen, Brian Tomlin; Assistant Dean Sally Jaeger; Overseers Paul Raether T’73 and Jennifer Uhrig T'87; Thayer School of Engineering Dean Joe Helble; and Sarah Mahlab T'15.

October 14
I thought I would give you another update on where we stand in the search for the next Dean of the Tuck School. The Search Committee has been meeting throughout the summer and early fall, and with the assistance of our search firm, Spencer Stuart, we have been reaching out to potential candidates as well as to folks who are simply knowledgeable  about the space.  Early on, we wrote a position description; if you have not seen it, it is available here:  http://www.tuck.dartmouth.edu/about/dean-search

Interest in the deanship has been very strong, and appropriately so, given Tuck’s standing in the world of business education and the unique opportunity that Tuck represents for a dean. Right now, we are narrowing the pool of interested candidates to a more manageable list of top prospects.  Soon, the full committee will meet with a smaller number of the prospects.  We hope to give the Provost of Dartmouth a list of our very top candidates before the end of the year and we hope that sometime no later than early in 2015 we would be able to announce the new Dean.  We are very pleased with the pool of candidates. We have a list of desirable characteristics that, well to be honest, is quite daunting.  The short version would be that we seek a dean who will understand and appreciate Tuck’s culture, while bringing strategic capability to figure out Tuck’s fit in the future of management education.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to reach out directly to me or any other members of the committee, or if you prefer to remain confidential, you can write to: TuckDean@spencerstuart.com

August 5
We continue making progress on the search for the next Dean of Tuck.  We have created a section on the tuck.edu website to share information and updates on the search, including the Position and Candidate Specification.  The position description was written after listening to many people, including faculty, staff, students and alumni. We think this document summarizes very nicely and concisely what we should seek in the next Dean of Tuck.

With the help of Spencer Stuart, we are now actively soliciting nominations.  If any of you have any possible candidates, or just good people we should talk to, please send your thoughts directly to Spencer Stuart at TuckDean@spencerstuart.com.  You can also send any other comments you might have to that address and they will be treated confidentially if that is appropriate or requested.
On behalf of the entire search committee,

July 15
I thought I would give all of you an update on the state of the search for the next Dean of Tuck.

We are early in the search but progressing well. We have a great committee: The faculty members are Prof. Kusum Ailawadi (marketing), Prof. Brian Tomlin (operations), Prof. Jonathan Lewellen (finance), Prof. Giovanni Gavetti (strategy and management), and of course me. Sally Jaeger from the MBA Program Office and Joe Helble, the Dean of the Thayer School of Engineering are members. Sarah Mahlab T'15 is the student rep; Sarah is from Hanover which is nice. And Jennifer Uhrig T'87 and Paul Raether T'73 are Overseers. The search firm Spencer Stuart is assisting us.

We have had two committee meetings, with the second one last Tuesday. We also had open staff and faculty meetings last week, with good turnout and great discussion of the challenges and opportunities that a new Dean might be facing. Our next steps are to finalize a position description and to begin an aggressive outreach campaign to find and motivate potential candidates.

The Spencer Stuart folks are working to learn about Tuck and what we are looking for, so that they can inform and motivate potential candidates. We have been using the following questions to guide discussions:

  • What is most distinctive about the Tuck School that must be preserved and should remain vital?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities facing the next Dean of the Tuck School? (Framed another way, if we find the right dean for Tuck, how will the school be different in five to six years?)
  • What skills, characteristics, experiences, and attributes do you view as essential for the next Dean to succeed?
  • What advice do you have for the Search Committee?

If you wish to think about these questions and send in your thoughts, that would be more than welcome. We have set up an email address, TuckDean@spencerstuart.com, that is constantly monitored. I would also be happy to take a phone call, if you prefer that.

You will be hearing from me again as we continue to proceed. I trust you are all wishing us the best in this most-important task of finding a replacement for Paul Danos!
On behalf of the entire search committee,

July 7
Just a reminder that we will have an open staff meeting this Wednesday, 9-10am in Alperin. The idea is to give all of you a chance to hear from the search committee about our plans and for you to give us advice.

  • What are the challenges and opportunities facing the next Dean of Tuck?
  • What kind of Dean should we be looking for?
  • What at Tuck needs to be maintained; what should be changed?

If you can’t make this meeting, you can always reach out to me or other members of the Committee, including the search firm (Mary Gorman and Chuck Jordan of Spencer Stuart are copied on this).  There is also an email account, TuckDean@spencerstuart.com, that you can use to send comments to us.

June 24
As you saw from the notice last week, the Dean Search Committee is made up of Kusum Ailawadi, Brian Tomlin, Giovanni Gavetti, Jon Lewellen, Sally Jaeger, Sarah Mahlab T’15, Joe Helble (Dean, Thayer), Jennifer Uhrig T’87 and Paul Raether T’73, and me as the Chair. We are hoping to find a great Dean to follow on Paul’s 20 great years. Toward that end, we want to enlist the help and support of all of you. If you have ideas or thoughts, please feel free to reach out to any of us, or email the account that has been set up: TuckDean@spencerstuart.com. We will also be holding several open meetings to discuss the search. The first of these will be on Wednesday, July 9, from 9 to 10, in Alperin. No need to rsvp. We will lay out our plans for the search and invite comments and questions, particularly in regard to what kind of dean we should be looking for.

March 26
Dear members of the Tuck community,
As was announced this week, Paul Danos is entering his last year as Dean of the Tuck School of Business, and will step down after June 30th, 2015. As we prepare to launch a global search for the next Dean of the Tuck School, we welcome your thoughts on:

  • What are the important opportunities and challenges in Tuck's future that the next Dean should consider?
  • What are some of the qualities that the next Dean should possess in order to continue Tuck's status as a leader in business education?
  • Are there nominations for search committee members you'd like to suggest?

You can provide your input, via email at: TuckDean@spencerstuart.com.
Phil Hanlon '77
Carolyn Dever
Incoming Provost

March 25
To the Dartmouth Community:
I'm writing to share the news that Paul Danos will not be seeking reappointment for a sixth term as dean of the Tuck School of Business at the end of his fifth term in June 2015.

In Tuck's 114-year history, few have had a greater impact on the school than Paul. His steadfast commitment to business-education excellence, both in Tuck's foundational MBA program and other closely-related offerings, has earned Tuck a unique place among the world's top graduate schools of management and business.

Paul joined Tuck in 1995 and, accompanied by his wife Mary Ellen, expertly guided the school through one of the most transformative periods in its history. During his tenure--the longest at Tuck and one of the longest in management education--he oversaw an increase in the size and quality of Tuck's faculty, its student body, and its world-class residential campus infrastructure. These changes, together with curricular innovations including increased student-faculty access and new global opportunities, have kept the school at the forefront of management education for close to two decades.

Under Paul's deanship, Tuck has pushed the frontiers, not just in its flagship MBA program, but in many of its closely-related offerings, such as pioneering business education for non-business undergraduates with the Business Bridge Program in 1997 and, more recently, collaborating with the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice on the new Master of Health Care Delivery Science. Paul also oversaw the development and execution of a strategy to greatly expand Tuck Executive Education's unique portfolio of executive offerings.

Tuck has excelled on every dimension under Paul's exceptional leadership, from the caliber of its students and strength of its faculty to the success and satisfaction of its graduates. The school's continued high placement among the world's top business schools is a testament to Paul's vision and leadership, and to Tuck's strategy of bringing the very best students together with a faculty of committed world-class scholar-educators.

Paul's contributions to Tuck and to management education cannot be overstated, and Dartmouth is grateful for his 19 years of outstanding service. As we look to the future, we anticipate significant global interest in the Tuck deanship from a qualified pool of international candidates. In the coming weeks, I will be working with incoming provost Carolyn Dever to form a search committee and will be seeking input from faculty, senior administrators, students, and alumni as we conduct a thoughtful search for the next dean of Tuck.

See the announcement below for details, and please join me in congratulating Paul on his remarkable career and in wishing him and Mary Ellen the very best in the future.
Best wishes,
Phil Hanlon '77

Tuck Dean Paul Danos Announces Plan to Step Down in 2015
Dean Paul Danos, whose focus on faculty excellence and the human side of leadership propelled the Tuck School of Business to the top ranks of graduate management education, announced today that he will not seek reappointment for a sixth term in June, 2015, when his current term ends.

Danos shared this announcement with students, faculty, and staff on the first day of classes of spring term. "Tuck is one of the finest business schools in the world, and it has been both an honor and privilege to serve as its dean. I realize that none of our achievements would have been possible without the contributions of our entire community--our skilled and caring faculty, our outstanding students, our committed staff, and our loyal and dedicated alumni. Your support and encouragement over the last two decades has been vital to Tuck's continued success and has meant the world to me. Tuck is a great school with a virtuous circle of caring people who will ensure that its future will be as bright as its past."

Dartmouth President Phil Hanlon D'77 stated: "Dartmouth is forever grateful to Dean Paul Danos for his 19 years of outstanding service. His commitment to the quality of the MBA program and to preparing students for a lifetime of responsible leadership has earned Tuck a unique place among the world's top graduate schools of business. Paul and his wife, Mary Ellen, have been the very best ambassadors for Tuck and Dartmouth during their time here in Hanover."

President Hanlon will be working with incoming Provost Carolyn Dever to form a search committee and will be seeking input from faculty, senior administrators, students, and alumni as they conduct a thoughtful search for the next dean of Tuck.

Danos is the ninth dean of Tuck and the Laurence F. Whittemore Professor of Business. His tenure is the longest in Tuck's history and one of the longest in management education. By the end of his fifth term, nearly 50 percent of Tuck's 10,000-plus living alumni will have graduated under his deanship.

Under Danos, Tuck has consistently been cited for the excellence of its MBA program, with student qualifications, employment levels, and compensation rates for its graduates among the highest in the world. Tuck is consistently ranked among the top MBA programs, nationally and internationally, and is known for its world-leading alumni giving rate, which is nearly three times the average participation rate of other business schools.

Danos joined Tuck in 1995 and has guided the school through one of the most transformative periods in its history. He led a dramatic expansion of Tuck's world-class faculty and the building out of a residential campus widely regarded as one of the finest in the world. He oversaw the launch of nine centers and initiatives and introduced a broad array of innovations to the MBA curriculum that further increased student access to faculty expertise and enabled the school to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of global business. Danos also led the launch of Dartmouth's Master of Health Care Delivery Science program and the nation's first Business Bridge Program for undergraduates.

At Tuck, Danos presided over an increase in both the size and quality of the student body, with traditional markers of student achievement soaring to new heights during his time as dean. Under Danos, Tuck classes became more international, diverse, and balanced between genders. The size of the faculty also grew during this period. Under his leadership, the number of full-time faculty at Tuck rose from 36 to 51, as did their levels recognition and accomplishment. Today, Tuck's scholar-educators lead the nation in citations per author and have collectively received more than 200 awards for research and teaching.

"Tuck is in a position of great strength thanks to Paul's outstanding leadership and the exceptional team he has put in place," said Board of Overseers Chair Christopher J. Williams T'84. "The opportunity to lead one of the world's truly great business schools is a rare one, and as we look to the future, we anticipate there being significant global interest in this role." Williams said Tuck plans to announce a new dean in early 2015.

Prior to Tuck, Danos served as a senior associate dean and chaired professor of accounting at the University of Michigan. Danos was chairman of the accounting department at the University of Michigan from 1984 to 1991 and also served as the director of the Paton Accounting Center from 1988-1991. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin in 1974 and BS and MBA from the University of New Orleans. He is a CPA and a member of the AICPA.