CDO Interview: What are the biggest misconceptions students have about the internship and job search

Alice L. – T’14, December 05, 2012 | 0 comments
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Alumni and recruiters are much more helpful and willing to engage you than you think. They are excited to come back to campus to meet Tuck students. Also, don’t underestimate how much your classmates can help in your job search – everyone comes from all different kinds of career backgrounds and will have much valuable insight to offer about their experiences. What they had done previously may even turn out to be your dream job!
It’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else is recruiting for, but don’t disregard your gut – consider exploring areas that may not necessarily be “the cool thing” but is something that you’re really excited about.
What are your top 3 pieces of advice for new students when they first arrive on campus?
  • Focus on what you want to do. Put money and prestige aside and don’t lose sight of what you are passionate about.
  •  Reach out to fellow classmates and second years to get advice and guidance for the career you might want to explore for the summer.
  • Think of your MBA as encompassing many potential experiences that can ultimately contribute to your career. Such experiences include the First Year Project (FYP), shorter internships during Thanksgiving and December holidays of your second year, international treks, and studying abroad. Take advantage of resources to explore and have fun with it all!

What makes Tuck’s approach to recruiting distinctive?
  •  The CDO works very hard to get to know each of the students. Each student is assigned a career counselor in the first couple of weeks based on industry and interests.
  • Even though Tuck is a small school, the quality of recruiters is the same as other top business schools. The same great companies are here, but a smaller group is competing, meaning much more access to recruiters while they are on campus.
  • The CDO is very supportive in the April/May time frame to help those who have not yet secured jobs
  • Tuck’s alumni network is unmatched and more than willing to help throughout the process
  • The bidding system democratizes the on-campus job search

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