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Hello! Before classes on Outward Bound we played 2 Truths & a Lie. See if you can guess the lie: 1) I love Little House on the Prairie (tv show), 2) my favorite color is black, 3) I would eat leftovers every day if I could. I was born and spent half my childhood in Southern California, then moved north to rural Washington (a town SMALLER than Hanover!). I attended the University of Washington in Seattle and have been there ever since. Following undergrad I worked in Private Wealth Management (with two fantastic Tuckies). After a few years I wanted to explore another area of finance and joined a local public co. working in Financial Planning and Analysis. While there I had exposure to the marketing org and that sparked and interest… so while at Tuck I will focus my career development on marketing and general management. I moved to Hanover with my husband (Luke) and our dog (Lola). None of us have lived on the East Coast, but so far the culture here feels a lot like home and we love it! Looking forward to sharing this adventure!

Interests running, hiking, yoga, reading, musicals, wine, crafting, vegetables, my dog, traveling

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