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Originally from Los Angeles, I have been on the East Coast for 9 years now (in Philly, New York, and Boston) and am very excited to make my move to a non-major city in New England. I love anything outdoors – I recently completed my first Tough Mudder and have done a few marathons and long distance relay races with the same group of friends from college (a great bonding experience!) During my first run through the Hanover/Upper Valley area, I came across a rope swing into a lake and was immediately sold on the environment that I would joining for the next 2 years (not to mention the great people and academics that are part of the Tuck community). Prior to Tuck, I worked as an actuarial consultant in NYC and then as an energy consultant in Boston. After Tuck, I’m looking to get involved in a marketing and brand management role at a well-established athletic retailer that is known for pioneering environmental sustainability.

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