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I’m from Kiev, Ukraine. Prior to Tuck I worked in retail, transportation and broadcast industries, performing HR, general management and marketing functions. Considering business schools I was looking for a combination of academic excellence, compelling environment to develop well-rounded skills and a fun place to spend two enjoyable years. I feel that at Tuck I not only found the perfect match, but also started one of the greatest adventures of my life. B-e-a-utiful New England nature, lots of outdoorsy opportunities, numerous parties, and friendly, close-knit community perfectly balance the academic rigor and recruiting challenges that MBA students face every day. My goals at Tuck are gaining knowledge and skills that will prepare me for a successful career in Consulting Management, getting my dream job and… having fun which includes building relationships, having a good time and stepping on terra incognita and doing things that I have never done before (like tripod hokey!)

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