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One of their most popular MBA enrichment initiatives, the Center for Global Business and Government (CGBG) organizes half-term-elective courses (for credit) called Learning Expeditions (LEs) each academic year. These faculty-led trips offer several benefits, including:

  • Immersive experiential learning that takes place in the field, often in emerging markets and developing countries
  • Access to the people and organizations shaping the global business environment
  • Cultural experiences carefully designed by local experts
  • Opportunity to shape a global business perspective
  • Close interaction with Tuck's top faculty thought leaders

Learning Expeditions in 2013-2014, included trips to Brazil, China, Israel/Turkey, Spain, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam/Singapore.

As they adjust to being back on campus, student participants chronicle their Spring Break LE experiences to the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, China, and Vietnam/Singapore on the CGBG blog.



United Arab Emirates Learning Expedition 2014 - Theofanis Tigkas, T’15

China Learning Expedition 2014 - Elliot Gillerman, T'15

South Africa Learning Expedition 2014 - Tatiana Gulnik, T'15

Vietnam/Singapore Learning Expedition 2014 - Katherine Gray, T'15

Each fall, CGBG staff invites students to information sessions about the spring break courses. These sessions provide details about destinations, price, itineraries, and application process.

The Center for Global Business and Government was formed to ensure that Tuck students, faculty, and alumni remain on the leading edge of two of the most profound trends impacting business today – globalization and the broad, ever-changing role of government in business. Programs at the Center for Global Business and Government at Tuck are focused on learning about the intersection of business and government, which is fundamental to an MBA education and to every business leader’s career.  The Center focuses on MBA enrichment through the organization of on-campus and travel programs that address current global business and economic trends, as well as executive engagement by working with senior executives and policy makers, facilitating projects, and developing relevant papers and reports.

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