Reach The Beach is Back

Pete. T'13, May 14, 2013 | 0 comments
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Been a while but wanted to throw a quick post out there. The Reach the Beach relay is a 200 mile race from Wachussett Mountain to Westport beach, MA. There are 12 runners per team and the race takes place over roughly 24 hours. Each team member runs between 10-20 miles to help their team get the “the beach”. Tuck has been involved in 3 races so far and is hoping to keep this a lasting piece of health awareness at Tuck.  The next one is this weekend and this time it is not just student but Professor Leslie Robinson will be running with one of the Tuck teams. I asked a couple of runners why they do it:

  • "I’ve participated in a lot of races throughout my life, but the Reach the Beach race is one of the only races that is truly team oriented. The race is incredibly unique and creates memories outside of the running aspects that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. The Tuck team embodies everything I value in a team."
  • "I did Reach the Beach because it is a fantastic way to get to know really wella diverse group of my classmates. The bonding that occurs amongst the group is just unbelievable. I also really enjoy running and being outdoors. There is no better way to see New England in the fall." 

I also asked a couple of runners their favorite memory:

  • "My favorite moment was sitting on the beach at the end of the 200 mile journey – arms around each other – and thinking just how much I love Tuck."
  • "My favorite moment was celebrating in the beer tent since I didn’t have to run any more miles!"
Check out the video here.
Good luck this weekend! 

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