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Experience Tuck  through the eyes of our students. Bloggers come from a variety of professional, and geographic backgrounds. In addition, our admissions team (and occasional guest bloggers) share thoughts and advice on applying to B-school.

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Student Bloggers

Jeff Z, T'14
A native Chinese from Shanghai, I am always excited about new experiences! After finishing my undergraduate in Computer Science at Fudan University, I left Shanghai to pursue a Master's in Finance at Texas A&M University, College Station. Subsequently I spent 3 years working in the Corproate Development and Treasury functions for a large media company and spent the last year advising on M&A and private placement in Texas. I am coming to Tuck to round out my skillset beyond finance, learn how to ski and play Tripod ice hockey, explore New England, and just be a pround member of the unparalleled Tuck community!

Marcy H, TP'14
I grew up in Chile and Texas before moving to Silicon Valley with my husband, Zach (T'14), right before we got married. Since then I've trained as a Montessori teacher, we moved to Switzerland, had a kid, moved back to California, had another kid, and now we're off on our next grand adventure: moving to New Hampshire where Zach will transform from an engineer to a businessman. I'm looking forward to exploring the Upper Valley with the boys, making new life-long Tuckie friends, and ok I'll admit I'm even looking forward to the snow and bears a bit.

Andrew M, T'14
I'm coming to Tuck after eight years working for a government engineering firm where I performed a variety of tasks, including aerospace quality audits (with no major disasters directly attributable to his activities), public health software sales (no epidemics to date), and government proposal management.  None of these really leveraged my degrees in History and Earth and Planetary Sciences, but I'm confident that his blog posts will.  At least, that's what he tells himself to feel better about the time and money spent getting them...  Andrew is an avid outdoorsman and volunteers his time with the Boy Scouts.

Alice L, T'14
Originally from Los Angeles, I have been on the East Coast for 9 years now (in Philly, New York, and Boston) and am very excited to make my move to a non-major city in New England. I love anything outdoors – I recently completed my first Tough Mudder and have done a few marathons and long distance relay races with the same group of friends from college (a great bonding experience!) During my first run through the Hanover/Upper Valley area, I came across a rope swing into a lake and was immediately sold on the environment that I would joining for the next 2 years (not to mention the great people and academics that are part of the Tuck community). Prior to Tuck, I worked as an actuarial consultant in NYC and then as an energy consultant in Boston. After Tuck, I'm looking to get involved in a marketing and brand management role at a well-established athletic retailer that is known for pioneering environmental sustainability.

Juliet H, T'14
Hi everyone, I am greatly looking forward to sharing my experience at Tuck. I am originally from southern California and graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2008. After living in Charlotte and Philadelphia, I am continuing to inch my way farther north to Hanover. Apparently my clothing budget is now going to be almost exclusively devoted to helping me survive the winter. I love getting outside as much as possible and am greatly looking forward to enjoying all that New England has to offer. Regrettably the last time I was on ice skates may have been in the 7-9 age range but I am nonetheless looking forward to tripod hockey this fall - at the very least I promise to contribute good hot chocolate to the team. What an adventure to come!

Dennis D, T'14
I am originally from Orlando, FL, but spent the last six years in Los Angeles in private equity. I attended Cornell University where I majored in English. I am happily married to my wonderful wife Ashley, and we have a 2yr old son. We are all excited to spend a memorable few years at Tuck!

Sumeeta K, T'14
I grew up in Texas and attended the McCombs School of Business at UT-Austin. Since graduation, I have lived in New York, Dublin, and Los Angeles working in the technology and entertainment sectors. I am thrilled to be joining the Tuck community and look forward to blogging about my experiences along the way!

Claire B, TP'14
I grew up north of Boston and moved to the Midwest to attend Northwestern University where I majored in English, and where I met my now-husband, Will, T'14.  Prior to Tuck, we lived in Chicago and Boston; Will worked in investment banking and I worked in higher education.  We moved to NH with our two pets (Skip our college cat and Honey our Hanover puppy), and we're so enjoying everything Tuck has to offer.

Admissions Staff Bloggers

Amy M.
I am currently a senior associate director of admissions at Tuck. Prior to working in Admissions, I worked for several years in student services at Tuck—a collection of experiences that has been invaluable to my admissions work. In that office I learned more about students, faculty, and life at Tuck than I can possibly repeat. I was also inspired by faculty and students to pursue an MBA and completed my coursework at Franklin Pierce University. I am still debating with students over which is more challenging: a full-time MBA vs. part-time MBA while working! I never imagined I would be in N.H. for nine years, but this has been a wonderful environment for me personally and professionally. In addition to my work at Tuck, I teach spinning at the Dartmouth Gym, volunteer as an official for the Dartmouth track team, and have learned to mountain bike, rock climb, and row.

Dawna C.
I'm have been the director of admissions at Tuck since 2006 and I love Tuck, Dartmouth, Hanover, and New England. I have 23 years of admissions experience and had great experiences at Darden for 15 years, UNC-Chapel Hill and undergrad admissions. After going through the college search process with my son, it's fascinating to know what "the other side" of the admissions process is like. I think the experience has made me a better admissions professional, experiencing it from a different perspective. Looking forward to meeting you here in Hanover!

Pat H.
I am a senior associate director of admissions at Tuck and have been a member of the admissions committee since 2003. Among my responsibilities are heading up women's recruiting and working with our second-year student interviewers. Prior to Tuck I was an attorney in Charlotte, N.C. practicing employment law and business litigation.