Today, recruiters engage with Tuck students in many more ways than in the past, using not only traditional on-campus and job-posting programs but also newer events such as alumni orientation panels, industry boot camps, mock interview forums, and club treks. About 900 companies recruit Tuck students and the school sourced approximately 2000 unique job opportunities in the 2012-13 academic year.

On-Campus Recruitment

Tuck's on-campus recruitment takes place in the fall for second-year students and during the winter for first-year students. Tuck brings companies from a wide range of industries to Hanover to interview students for full-time and intern positions. The majority of on-campus recruiters participate in company briefings prior to the start of on-campus recruitment. To ensure that all students have equal opportunity to interview with their top companies, we require that every company recruiting at Tuck during the on-campus recruiting season reserve at least half its interview slots for assignment through a student bidding process. We also have options for off-campus recruitment that increases access still more. 

The Maynard Entrepreneurial Internship Program

The Maynard Program provides students with summer intern opportunities to experience first-hand the particular challenges and rewards of entrepreneurial ventures. Through Tuck's Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship, select students are eligible to receive an additional stipend while interning at dynamic startups with revenue under $50 million and/or fewer than 200 employees.

Nonprofit Internship Support: Tuck GIVES

The Tuck Nonprofit Club holds an annual fundraising event to help make nonprofit internships financially possible. Funds from the Tuck GIVES (Grants to Interns and Volunteers for the Environment and Society) auction enable students to pursue internships in the nonprofit sector.

Job Postings

Job postings are opportunities from companies that are interested in Tuck students but may not be coming to campus to interview. These postings represent a diverse mix of companies and industries and are a wonderful resource for students seeking both internships and full-time jobs.

Interview Forums in New York City and San Francisco

Each year Tuck collaborates with other MBA programs around the country to host geographically specific interview forums, bringing students together with recruiters from the target location for a day of interviews and networking. Taking place in the early spring, these events draw a highly diverse group of participating companies who are eager to hear from students seeking internships and full-time employment.