The CDO offers myriad opportunities for interview preparation and practice. Along with workshops that will help you develop and tell your professional story, we offer a virtual library of resources including online interview prep tools and practice questions. In addition, we are always available for in-person mock interviews and one-on-one counseling.

On-Campus Recruitment

Tuck's on-campus recruitment takes place in the fall for second-year students and during the winter for first-year students. Tuck brings companies from a wide range of industries to Hanover to interview students for full-time and intern positions. The majority of on-campus recruiters participate in company briefings prior to the start of on-campus recruitment. Through briefings and other career development events you'll have uncommon access to the many companies that recruit here. To ensure that all students have equal opportunity to interview with their top companies, we require that every company recruiting at Tuck during the on-campus recruiting season reserve at least half its interview slots for assignment through a student bidding process. We also have options for off-campus recruitment that increases access still more. In all, about 900 companies recruit Tuck students.