Get Involved

At Tuck we believe that academics, collaboration, and execution are some of the fundamental components of an aspiring entrepreneur’s education. Following this belief, the Entrepreneurship Initiative (EI) proactively reaches out and welcomes interactions between students, faculty, alumni and members of the community.

Opportunities for Involvement

Informal entrepreneurial feedback to students

The EI facilitates brief interactions between qualifying students and Tuck graduates with relevant entrepreneurial experience; the initiative pre‐screens all interactions to maximize compatibility and make the most efficient use of the entrepreneur’s and students’ time. Due to this ‘match‐up’ process, frequency of interactions is minimized, demanding a very small time commitment per entrepreneur. Please sign‐up or contact us to participate.

Formal student mentorship

Each year, a selection of student teams is awarded participation in Tuck’s Barris Incubator program. Winning teams have ambitious entrepreneurial plans and demonstrate high commitment to both learning and executing on their ideas. A key component in providing these student teams with the necessary support is to match them up with a Tuck entrepreneur for frequent advice. The EI provides a structured program for the team‐mentor relationship to be successful and meaningful for both mentors and teams. Frequency and type of mentorship interactions are determined on a case by case basis and they can occur in‐person or remotely, depending on mentors’ availability. Please sign‐up or contact us to participate.

Entrepreneur-In-Residence program

If you would like to come up to campus and share your entrepreneurial story with Tuck students, please contact us to arrange the most suitable format for your visit.


Tuck students engage in entrepreneurial activities in many different ways and the EI is always looking out for new ways to connect students and alumni. Please contact us if you have an entrepreneurial project you would like to bring to Tuck students.


Please sign‐up to identify yourself as a Tuck entrepreneur. This data collection effort will allow us to connect entrepreneurs, students and faculty in the most efficient ways. In addition, the EI will keep you updated with entrepreneurship events, opportunities and start‐up news on‐campus.