Dan’s View: NOLA post-post-Katrina

This post was written by Dan Ettinger, T'13, one of the student leaders of the Tuck team:

When I visited New Orleans two years after Katrina, the storm came up in every conversation. The implicit message was that the city was significantly worse off. Six years later, that's no longer the case. Thanks to organizations like the Idea Village and government and business leaders that believe in them, it's clear that New Orleans is now stronger than ever.

As a whole, New Orleans Entrepreneur Week was an incredible learning experience for the MBA students involved in its IDEAcorps program - both for us Tuckies and the six other schools that participated. At Tuck, we pride ourselves for promoting collaboration and focusing on learning to work in groups. So when Kellie described this week as "THE best group experience I’ve had at Tuck," I knew I experienced something special.

Though the program formally came to a close two Friday ago, it was clear that none of us was ready to say goodbye - to Joe and Brendan, to the Idea Village or to New Orleans. Some of us extended our stays to catch a few parades, others have continued to pepper Joe and Brendan with blog articles, suggestions, and references to friendly designers. There are even volunteers from Salesforce.com who have followed up with us to say that they'd love to continue offering pro-bono support because they too believe in Joe and Brendan.

Our next call with ChapterSpot is next Thursday, and it's exciting to hear that they've already made early progress implementing our proposal. We'll be in touch soon with future updates.