Tuck Summer Venture Award: Introducing FreshAir

As recipients of the Summer Venture Award, Jack O’Toole (T'14), Joe BelBruno and Kwame Ohene-Adu will spend the summer developing and executing a concept for a start-up in the Barris Incubator space.

Sneak peek from the team:

FreshAir has developed a novel sensor technology (Patent Pending) that detects nicotine and marijuana. When smoking is detected data is then sent over Wi-Fi to the FreshAir platform. The system immediately notifies clients that smoking is taking place in a prohibited area and then generates a chart of the nicotine or marijuana measurements, proving unauthorized smoking has occurred.



Initial Market Sizing

There are 4.8M hotel rooms in the US, 3.8M (80%) are non-smoking.
FreshAir expects to attain 5% market share of non-smoking hotel rooms by FY2018


Additional markets exist at low scaling cost: Rental properties; vacation properties; dorms; office buildings; hospitals; home use; rental cars; fleet vehicles, etc.

Value Proposition

Hotel profitability is driven by customer satisfaction, which is highly correlated to cleanliness.  87% of hotel guests preferred a completely smoke free environment.
Hotels average 4 instances of unauthorized smoking per month. Cleaning costs alone can be as much as $1000 when a room is heavily smoked in.

FreshAir benefits: timeliness and accuracy deters smoking, leads to greater customer satisfaction, provides proof when smoking has taken place, and avoids conflicts.


Jack O’ Toole, T'14
Joe BelBruno
Kwame Ohene-Adu




Find more information about the Summer Venture Award here.