BanyanGlobal: The competitive advantages of family businesses

During this session Josh Baron and Judy Walsh T'12 of Banyan will address: 
• How the sources of competitive advantage are pivoting towards areas in which family businesses have innate advantages 
• Why the family ownership model, when properly managed, has the potential to succeed over the long-­‐term, even in developed and hyper-­‐competitive markets 
• How to maintain the advantages of family ownership that otherwise tend to erode over time 
• Why, even when non-­‐family businesses seek to mimic the competitive advantages of family ownership, the model is hard to copy 

Based on their assessment of global trends and their experience working with companies around the world, Banyan will highlight five “survival strategies” that can help family businesses to thrive in 21st century. 

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Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Forum | Hanover 2016

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