Tuck team claims 1st prize at Dartmouth Ventures 2013 conference

Tuck and Barris Incubator team InstantInsight claimed the Best in Show prize ($25,000) at Dartmouth Ventures 2013 Entrepreneurship conference, on Saturday (4/6). InstantInsight won the entrepreneurship contest live finals after advancing multiple rounds against 100+ campus-wide and alumni entries. Second place ($10,000) in the same competition went to Samsara (undergraduate entry), third place ($5,000) went to Sighten (DEN Seattle entry) and people's choice ($6,000) also went to the Samsara team.

Team InstantInsight:

 • Ashley Conti, T'13
 • Kaitlin Donovan, T'13
 • Graham Lincoln, T'13
 • Sreevishnu Narayanasamy, T'13
 • Mark Robinton, TP'13

For more information on InstantInsight, click here.

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