Find Your Way

Customize your entrepreneurial experience at Tuck through the use of academic and support resources available to you as a student. Choose courses and activities to create your own entrepreneurial pathway and maximize your exposure to the strategic and practical issues facing entrepreneurs today.

Explore the Curriculum

Browse Tuck’s academic offering and find the right fit with your entrepreneurship interests, whether you want to develop  a business idea,  take a deep dive into the potential of a new market through targeted research, or anything in between.

Make the Connections

Become a part of Dartmouth’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, collaborate, find ideas, find a team, and get inspired. It’s all about the people, so build your network now—you may use it sooner than you expect.

Get Support

Tap into a wealth of resources available through Tuck and the wider Dartmouth community. Hone your skills by learning by doing, nurture your project, and take your entrepreneurship learning experience to the next level.

Get Involved

The Entrepreneurship Initiative (EI) offers an MBA Fellows program for first and second‐year students currently participating in the Entrepreneurship Club.