Tuck Summer Startup Award

The Tuck Summer Startup Award is designed to minimize the hurdle for a Tuck team interested in seriously pursuing an entrepreneurial venture during their first year summer. 

The program leverages the current Barris Incubator structure to support the winning team in all key areas of development for a young startup, including:

  • $10K award
  • Pro-bono legal advice through the Initiative's partnerships with legal firms
  • Active mentoring from alumni, faculty and local entrepreneurs
  • Support from the SCORE network of executives and entrepreneurs
  • Access to office space and supplies
  • Mid-summer feedback and end-of-summer presentation to investors
  • Office hours sessions with graduating Barris Incubator teams
  • Day trip to visit Boston Start-up/Venture Capital firm offices

How to apply

Applications for the Summer Startup Award will be received in April (reach out to the Initiative for more info)

Evaluators will mostly focus on the following qualities:

1. Strength of the Team
2. Size and growth of the Market
3. Quality of the Product or Service (value proposition)
4. Credibility of the Business model
5. Clear definition of an action plan for the term (objectives vs. timeline)
6. Team commitment to learn and execute

All submissions must include a one page Executive Summary and a powerpoint deck (10 slides maximum in main body, excluding cover and agendas; up to 5 appendix slides allowed).

Please submit your application materials to entrepreneurship@tuck.dartmouth.edu . No applications will be considered past the deadline.


For more information on the Summer Startup Award, please contact us at entrepreneurship@tuck.dartmouth.edu


2015 Tuck Summer Startup Award recipients: Bae, Traversa Health
2014 Tuck Summer Startup Award recipients: SousPrep, Trusker
2013 Tuck Summer Startup Award recipients: FreshAir
2012 Tuck Summer Startup Award recipients: Glory Days