Make the Connections

Become a part of Dartmouth’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Collaborate, find ideas, find a team, and get inspired. It’s all about the people, so build your network now—you may use it sooner than you expect.

Dartmouth Ventures Entrepreneurship Conference

Dartmouth Ventures (previously Greener Ventures) is an annual conference on entrepreneurship established in 2002 for students, faculty, researchers, alumni, and staff at Dartmouth College and the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Aimed at developing entrepreneurial aptitude and encouraging entrepreneurial activity among members of the Dartmouth community, this day-long event brings nationally recognized entrepreneurial leaders, including many Dartmouth alumni, to discuss pertinent topics and issues involved with entrepreneurial initiatives.

Dartmouth Ventures hosts a campus-wide entrepreneurial contest and also actively encourages students to participate in outside conferences and competitions.

TNT Program

The TNT (Thayer and Tuck / Tuck and Thayer) program was born out of the initiative of students, with the objective of bringing both schools closer together around innovation and entrepreneurship. The program is fueled by students' motivation, supported by leadership from both schools and designed to gradually and strategically increase direct grassroots collaboration early on during each academic year. 

Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Society

The Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Society is an undergraduate, student‐run organization. If you’re a Dartmouth undergraduate student, join the society. If you’re not but are interested in interacting with the Society, contact us for more information.

Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network

DEN is a part of Dartmouth College under the  Office of the Provost. It works with students, faculty, researchers, clinicians, staff, and alumni from Dartmouth, as well as with clinicians and researchers at the Dartmouth‐Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) and the Dartmouth Regional Technology Center to support entrepreneurial initiatives and facilitate integrated efforts toward entrepreneurship education and commercial implementation.

Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship

Tuck’s Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship aims to advance the understanding of private equity investing—the engine behind the entrepreneurial activity that drives global innovation and productivity. The center focuses on macro and micro issues relating to private equity and venture capital: capital markets, financing structures and governance.