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No Huge Impact on New York from NAFTA
October 2016
This article quotes Teresa fort on the cause of declining jobs in manufacturing in the United States.

Four Quotes from the First Clinton-Trump Debate, Explained
September 2016
Emily Blanchard, associate professor of business administration, participates in an analysis of the September 26 presidential debate at Hofstra University.

Make America Great Again—Invest in High-Skilled Immigrants
September 2016
Cites the paper, “High-Skilled Immigration and the Rise of Stem Occupations in U.S. Employment,” co-authored by Dean Matthew Slaughter in an article about the importance of hiring high-skilled foreign workers for the growth of America.

Medalling prosperity
August 2016
Cites a paper by Andrew Bernard, the Jack Byrne Professor of International Economics, that concludes because population and GDP per person have similar effects on Olympic medal count, total GDP is a good predictor of how much hardware a country can expect to win.

If Your Country Has Never Won an Olympic Medal, the Odds Are It Never Will
August 2016
Cites a model created by Andrew Bernard, the Jack Byrne Professor of International Economics, that had a 96 percent accuracy rate when predicting the Sydney and Athens Olympic Games.

Fear Trumps Free Trade in US Fortress of Solitude
August 2016
Quotes Dean Matthew Slaughter about how benefits of trade must be shared more equitably in response to remarks made by presidential candidate Donald Trump about free trade agreements.

Global Golf Lessons
July 2016
Charles Wheelan of the Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth offers an "I told you so" acknowledgment to two academics including Dean Matthew Slaughter for predicting a working class backlash nearly a decade ago in a Foreign Affairs article titled "A New Deal for Globalization."

Is Trump Right that the TPP Will Destroy Millions of Jobs and Cede U.S. Sovereignty?
July 2016
An opinion piece co-authored by Emily Blanchard, associate professor of business administration, about presidential candidate Donald Trump’s anti-trade stance, and the impact of free trade on jobs, congressional power, and economic independence.

Why Progressives Should Rescue the TPP Trade Deal
June 2016
An opinion piece by Emily Blanchard, associate professor of business administration, looks at the rejection of the Trans-Pacific Partnership by progressives.

Here's How Trump's Anti-Trade Stance Could Backfire
June 2016
Quotes Dean Matthew Slaughter in response to remarks made by presidential candidate Donald Trump on free trade agreements.

Few U.S. Workers Receive Federal Assistance for Trade Deal Consequences
May 2016
Quotes Dean Matthew Slaughter about the inadequacies of the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program and his dissatisfaction with the lack of any plan to expand or make changes

Why Trade and Globalization Concerns Are Resonating with Voters at Home
April 2016
Dean Matthew Slaughter discusses how trade is playing out in the race for the White House. “And yet I think what’s important to keep in mind is trade in particular and globalization more generally, they have generated large gains for America overall over the many decades,” says Slaughter.

Rising H-1B Visa Costs Are Stifling Innovation and Hurting the Success of US Companies
April 2016
An opinion piece by Dean Matthew Slaughter, where he discusses the latest evidence against the common assertion that highly-skilled immigrants are suppressing American employment and wages.

Why Candidates Are out of Sync with How Americans Really Feel about Trade
April 2016
Quotes Dean Matthew Slaughter on trade and globalization in the United States, offering ways that America’s social safety net can be strengthened.

Need Smarter Policies: Econ. Professor on Trade
March 2016
As a guest on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street, Dean Matthew Slaughter weighs in on the current trade policy within the U.S. and the effects it has for both historic companies, as well as the American people.

Global Supply Chains and Wage Inequality
NBER Report 2016, Number 2
Pol Antràs, Teresa Fort, and Felix Tintelnot study the implications of a hypothetical 100 percent increase in China's sourcing potential, such as could be produced by a reduction in bilateral trade costs between the U.S. and China.

What Happens to U.S. Companies If Trump or Sanders Roll Back Free Trade?
March 2016
Quotes Emily Blanchard about how a U.S. exit from the World Trade Organization or NAFTA would have a terrible ripple effect on prices, jobs and tax revenue.

America Needs More Skilled Immigrant Workers, Study Says
March 2016
A new report from Dean Matthew Slaughter suggests skilled immigrants create new jobs and companies that ultimately help the economy grow.

Dublin Start-Up Commissioner Wants to Turn Ireland's Capital into an Enterprise Epicentre
March 2016
Research by Teresa Fort finds that young companies were disproportionately affected during the 2006-2009 financial crisis, but still remained a positive source of net employment growth.

The Biggest Myths About China's Yuan 'Manipulation'
January 2016
Matthew Slaughter says that deep economic forces such as productivity growth, labor supplies, and public policies have more long-term impact on the global economy than exchange rates.

The Myths of China’s Currency ‘Manipulation’
January 2016
Matthew Slaughter says movements in the yuan’s nominal exchange rate do not affect long-term trade flows or jobs in the U.S.

Trump says China gets an advantage from the Trans-Pacific Partnership
November 2015
Emily Blanchard says it is very implausible that China will benefit from the TPP.


Volkswagen Scandal: The US Is a Stickler for Rules
September 2015
Emily Blanchard comments on the $18 billion fine VW may be facing. 


How Can Reshoring Help Baltimore?
May 2015
Teresa Fort says, "Employment in manufacturing has been going down in the U.S. but sales and value added have been going up."