Strategy and Management

Ron Adner
David T. McLaughlin D’54, T’55 Professor

Pino Audia
Professor of Management and Organizations

Richard A. D’Aveni
Bakala Professor of Strategy

Daniel C. Feiler
Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Sydney Finkelstein
Steven Roth Professor of Management; Faculty Director, Center for Leadership

Giovanni Gavetti
Associate Professor of Strategy

Vijay Govindarajan
Coxe Distinguished Professor of Management

Leonard Greenhalgh
Professor of Management

Constance E. Helfat
J. Brian Quinn Professor in Technology and Strategy

William F. Joyce
Professor of Strategy and Organizational Theory

Steven J. Kahl
Associate Professor of Business Administration

Andrew A. King
Professor of Business Administration

Adam M. Kleinbaum
Associate Professor of Business Administration: Daniel T. Revers T’89 Faculty Fellow

Margaret A. Peteraf
Leon E. Williams Professor of Management

Ella L.J. Smith
Professor of Business Administration

Alva Taylor
Associate Professor of Business Administration; Faculty Director, Glassmeyer/McNamee Center for Digital Strategies


Thomas C. Lawton
Visiting Professor of Business Administration

Judith B. White
Visiting Professor of Business Administration; Faculty Director, Business Bridge Program

David Zhu
Visiting Associate Professor


Joao Paulo Duarte
Doctoral Research Fellow