Recent Books

  • Marketing Management (13th edition) Kevin Lane Keller, Philip Kotler
    Prentice Hall, 2008

    This is the definitive marketing text because it continues to reflect the latest changes in marketing theory and practice. Topics covered include brand equity, customer value analysis, database marketing, e-commerce, value networks, hybrid channels, supply chain management, segmentation, targeting, positioning, and integrated marketing communications. For marketing professionals who place an emphasis on creativity and imagination in marketing management.

  • Modeling for Insight: A Master Class for Business Analysts Stephen G. Powell, Robert J. Batt
    Wiley, 2008

    Most business analysts are familiar with using spreadsheets to organize data and build routine models. However, analysts often struggle when faced with examining new and ill-structured problems. Modeling for Insight is a guide to building effective spreadsheet models and using them to generate insights. With its hands-on approach, this book provides readers with an effective modeling process and specific modeling tools to become a master modeler.

  • Handbook of Corporate Finance: Empirical Corporate Finance, Volume 2 B. Espen Eckbo
    North Holland, 2008

    In collaboration with the first volume, this handbook takes stock of the main empirical findings to date across an unprecedented spectrum of corporate finance issues.

  • Handbook of Corporate Finance: Empirical Corporate Finance, Volume 1 B Espen Eckbo
    North Holland, 2007

    This handbook takes stock of the main empirical findings to date across an unprecedented spectrum of corporate finance issues, ranging from econometric methodology, to raising capital and capital structure choice, and to managerial incentives and corporate investment behavior. The surveys are written by leading empirical researchers that remain active in their respective areas of interest. For industry practitioners, doctoral students, and seasoned academics.

  • Breakout Strategy: Meeting the Challenge of Double-Digit Growth Sydney Finkelstein, Charles Harvey, and Thomas Lawton
    McGraw-Hill, 2006

    Companies that set out to excel are few and far between. The number of those who have a strong, well-thought out strategy for success are even fewer. Based on five years of research and field-testing, Breakout Strategy gives a “fast track” strategic vision that can push companies to incredible new rates of growth and expansion. The authors show how to craft a strategy that fits any business—from small start-ups to established national or international companies.

  • Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators: From Idea to Execution Chris R. Trimble, Vijay Govindarajan
    Harvard Business School Press, 2005

    Even world-class companies with successful business models eventually hit the ceiling on growth. That’s what makes emerging industries so attractive. These markets represent huge opportunities for capturing long term growth and competitive advantage. But because they lack a proven formula for making a profit, they are risky and expensive, with dire consequences for failure. The authors argue that every organization’s survival depends on strategic experiments that target such untested markets, but few firms understand how to implement them successfully.