Recent Books

  • Financial Accounting: An Introduction to Concepts, Methods, and Uses (eleventh edition) Clyde P. Stickney, Roman L. Weil
    South-Western Publishers, 2005

    This widely respected financial accounting text focuses on presenting clearly both the basic concepts underlying financial statements and the terminology and methods that allow students to interpret, analyze, and evaluate actual corporate financial statements. This edition contains many new features, such as greater emphasis on analysis of statement data by users, cash-flow coverage, self-study and extra cases online.

  • Guide to Managerial Communication (seventh edition) Mary Munter
    Prentice Hall Series in Advanced Business Communication, Prentice Hall, 2005

    Written by a leader in the management communication field and an experienced consultant, this guide summarizes and reviews communication, writing, and speaking strategies—arming students with the know-how, techniques, and skills to deal successfully with managerial communication issues they will face as future business professionals.

  • Marketing Management (12th edition) Kevin Lane Keller, Philip Kotler
    Prentice Hall, 2005

    Updated, with several hundred mini-case studies, this is the definitive marketing text. It challenges the reader to apply key skills in analyzing real marketing examples. Learning aids are available online and referenced in the book. Based on extensive user feedback, Kotler and Keller focused on preserving the strengths and core topics from previous editions, while carefully tightening coverage in every chapter for greater clarity. By organizing the text into eight parts of related material, a more modular approach, instructors have greater flexibility.

  • Managerial Accounting: An Introduction to Concepts, Methods and Uses (eighth edition) Clyde P. Stickney, Michael Maher, Roman L. Weil
    South-Western Publishers, 2003

    The updated eighth edition of this classic text for MBA programs offers balanced coverage of concepts, methods, and uses of managerial accounting with an increasingly strong emphasis on strategic management issues. This approach helps to focus on concepts and managerial uses of financial information rather than techniques of cost accounting.

  • Financial Reporting and Statement Analysis: A Strategic Perspective (fifth edition) Clyde P. Stickney, Paul R. Brown, James Wahlen
    South-Western Publishers, 2003

    The book’s premise is that students learn financial statement analysis most effectively by performing the analysis on actual companies. Students learn to integrate concepts from economics, business strategy, accounting, and other business disciplines. Text is designed for courses on financial reporting found in accounting, finance, and economics departments. Suitable for both capstone and MBA courses.

  • Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity (second edition) Kevin Lane Keller
    Prentice Hall, 2003

    Written by today’s leading authority on brand management, incorporating the latest thinking and developments from both academia and industry, this text is finely focused on “how-to” and “why” throughout. It provides specific tactical guidelines for planning, building, measuring, and managing brand equity and includes numerous examples on virtually every topic, with over 100 Branding Briefs that identify successful and unsuccessful brands and explain why they have been so.