Recent Books

  • Our Separate Ways: Black and White Women and the Struggle for Personal Identity Ella L.J. Edmondson Bell, Stella M. Nkomo
    Harvard Business School Press, 2001

    An unflinching look at the surprising differences between black and white women’s trials and triumphs climbing the executive ladder, based on eight years of groundbreaking research, this book compares and contrasts the experiences of 120 female managers in U.S. business. In-depth histories bring to life women’s journeys from childhood to professional success, highlighting roles played by gender, race, and class.

  • Supply Chain Management: Innovations for Education M. Eric Johnson, David F. Pyke (editors)
    Production & Operations Management Society, 2000

    Few topics in production and operations management have had the impact, both on industry and academia, of supply chain management. Top business and engineering schools now include more integrated supply chain topics into core curricula. This book explores some of the leading-edge thinking around supply chain education, clearly presenting the key elements of these courses and examining the impact of the web on supply chains. Experiential-learning games and exercises included.

  • Mega Change: How Today’s Leading Companies Have Transformed Their Workforces William F. Joyce
    Free Press, 1999

    Attempts to restructure many U.S. corporations have often proved unsuccessful, as productivity and efficiency have either remained the same of worsened. Joyce shows how archaic management methods and practices stifle employees’ needs for satisfying work. His “New Logic for Change,” composed of four critical steps, emphasizes not just human value, but human values, and is based on the importance of meaningful work.