Faculty Directory

David F. Sally

Visiting Associate Professor of Business Administration



DegreePhD, The University of Chicago, 1995; AB, Harvard University, 1982

AREAS OF EXPERTISEEconomics, organizational behavior

Current Research Topics

Neuroeconomics of cooperation and fairness, individual differences in hyperbolic discounting, behavioral compensation theory, psychology of entrepreneurship

Selected Publications

With E. Hill, "The Development of Interpersonal Strategy: Autism, Theory-of-Mind, Cooperation and Fairness," Journal of Economic Psychology, 2007; "Can I Say, 'Bobobo' and Mean, 'There's No Such Thing as Cheap Talk'?" Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2005; "Yearn for Paradise, Live in Limbo: Optimal Frustration for ADR," Penn State Law Review, 2003; "'What an Ugly Baby!': Risk Dominance, Sympathy, and the Coordination of Meaning," Rationality and Society, 2002; "Two Economic Applications of Sympathy," Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 2002; "Co-Leadership: Lessons from Republican Rome," California Management Review, 2002; "On Sympathy and Games," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2001; "Into the Looking Glass: Discerning the Social Mind Through the Mindblind," Advances in Group Processes, 2001; "A General Theory of Sympathy, Mind-Reading, and Social Interaction, with an Application to the Prisoners' Dilemma," Social Science Information, 2000; "I, Too, Sail Past: Odysseus and the Logic of Self-Control," Kyklos, 2000; "Conversation and Cooperation in Social Dilemmas: A Meta-Analysis of Experiments from 1958 to 1992," Rationality and Society, 1995

Working Papers

With J. Ericksen, "A Goal in Mind: Using Mental Accounting to Move Toward a Complete Behavioral Compensation Theory"; with K. O’Connor, "The Psychology of Entrepreneurship: Spanning the Structural Hole in Network Research"


Class of 1992 Award for Teaching Excellence, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University, 1996

Professional Activities

Academic positions: Visiting Associate Professor of Business Administration, Tuck School of Business, 2004–present; Contract Associate Professor of Economics and Management and Organizations, 2003–04, Assistant Professor of Economics and Management and Organizations, 2001–03, Assistant Professor of Economics and Organizational Behavior, 1999–2001, Assistant Professor of Organizational Studies, 1994–99, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

Nonacademic positions: Manager, Strategic Planning and Corporate Development, Avon Products, 1986–89; Consultant, Bain & Company, 1982–85