Faculty Directory

Giovanni Gavetti

Associate Professor of Business Administration



DegreePhD, University of Pennsylvania, 2000; MA, University of Pennsylvania, 1998; BA, Bocconi University, Milan, 1993

AREAS OF EXPERTISECognition, evolutionary theory, organizational learning, strategic change, strategy

Selected Publications

  • With Massimo Warglien, "A Model of Collective Interpretation," Organization Science (forthcoming)
  • With William Ocasio, "Advances in Strategic Management," edited volume on "Cognition and Strategy," (forthcoming)
  • With William Ocasio, "Introduction," Advance in Strategic Management, volume on "Cognition and Strategy," (forthcoming)
  • With H. Greve, D. Levinthal, and W. Ocasio, "The Behavioral Theory of the Firm: Assessment and Prospects," Academy of Management Annals, 2012
  • "Toward a Behavioral Theory of Strategy," Organization Science, 23, January/February 2012
  • "The New Psychology of Strategic Leadership," Harvard Business Review, 89(7–8), July–August 2011
  • With D. Levinthal and W. Ocasio, "Neo-Carnegie: The School's Past, Present, and Reconstructing for the Future," Organization Science, 18(3), May–June 2007
  • With J.W. Rivkin, "On the Origin of Strategy: Action and Cognition Over Time," Organization Science, 18(3), May–June 2007
  • "Cognition and Hierarchy: Rethinking the Microfoundations of Capabilities’ Development," Organization Science, 16(6), November–December 2005
  • With D. Levinthal and J.W. Rivkin, "Strategy-Making in Novel and Complex Worlds: The Power of Analogy," Strategic Management Journal, 26(8), August 2005
  • With J.W. Rivkin, "How Strategists Really Think: Tapping the Power of Analogy," Harvard Business Review, 83(4), April 2005
  • With D. Levinthal, "The Strategy Field from the Perspective of Management Science: Divergent Strands and Possible Integration," Management Science, 50, October 2004
  • With M. Tripsas, "Capabilities, Cognition and Inertia: Evidence from Digital Imaging," Strategic Management Journal, 21, October–November, 2000
  • With D. Levinthal, "Looking Forward and Looking Backward: Cognitive and Experiential Search," Administrative Science Quarterly, 45, March 2000

Professional Activities

Academic positions

  • Tuck School of Business, 2012–present
  • Associate Professor, 2006–12, Assistant Professor, 2000–06, Harvard Business School
  • Instructor, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 1997–98
  • Lecturer, 1994–05, Teaching Associate, 1993–04, Research Fellow, 1993–05, Bocconi University, Milan

Editorial positions

  • Editorial Board
    European Management Review, 2007–present
    Industrial and Corporate Change, 2005–present,
    Journal of Management and Governance, 2000–07
    Organization Science, 2006–08
    Strategic Management Journal, 2007–11
  • Organization Science, senior editor, 2012–present
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer
    Academy of Management Journal
    Academy of Management Review
    Administrative Science Quarterly
    Industrial and Corporate Change
    Journal of Economics and Management
    Journal of Management and Governance Management Science
    Organization Science