Faculty Directory

Hannu Kuusela

Visiting Scholar




PhD, University of Tampere, 1992; Licentiate in Economics, University of Tampere, 1991; Bachelor of Social Sciences, University of Tampere, 1984; Bachelor’s Degree, University of Tampere, 1980

Areas of Expertise


Current Research Topics

  • Customer value
  • Customer insight
  • Strategy and strategic decision-making
  • Change management in industrial settings
  • Corporate governance

Professional Activities

Academic positions

  • Visiting Scholar, Tuck School of Business, 2016–present
  • Professor of Marketing, 1995–present
  • Lecturer, University of Tampere, Finland, 1986–95
  • Visiting Scholar, University of Arizona, 1992–93

Nonacademic positions

Marketing Manager / Head of Research, Fennia Mutual Insurance Company, 1976–88

Board memberships

  • The Mortgage Society of Finland, 2001–present
  • Suomen Asuntohypopankki Ltd., 2004–present
  • Leijona Catering Ltd., 2011–present
  • Fimlab Laboratories Ltd., 2011–present

Editorial positions

  • Journal of Financial Services Marketing
  • Ad hoc reviewer, Journal of Services Management and Journal of Services Marketing


  • Outstanding Paper award for “Value Co-Creation: Theoretical Approaches and Practical Implications,” published in European Business Review, 2013
  • Highly Commended Paper award for “Customer Relationship Management: The Evolving Role of Customer Data,” published in Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 2013

Working Papers

  • “The Role of Intuition in Strategic Decision-Making”
  • “Inside-Out and Outside-In Mental-Models: a Top Executive Perspective”
  • “Managing Consumption Communities”

Selected Publications

  • With H. Saarijärvi, P.K. Kannan, G. Kulkarni, and T. Rintamäki, “Unlocking the Transformative Potential of Customer Data in Retailing,” The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 2016
  • With E. Närvänen, K. Neilimo, and H. Saarijärvi, “S Group’s Vision for Strategic Transformation: ‘Your Own Store,’” Strategy & Leadership, 2015
  • With E. Närvänen, H. Saarijärvi, and M. Yrjölä, “Challenges for B2B Research Relevance—A Top Executive Perspective,” Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 2014
  • With E. Närvänen, K. Neilimo, and H. Saarijärvi, “Disentangling Customer Orientation—Executive Perspective,” Business Process Management Journal, 2014
  • With H. Saarijärvi and Christian Grönroos, “Reverse Use of Customer Data: Implications for Service-Based Business Models,” Journal of Services Marketing, 2014
  • With E. Närvänen and E. Gummesson, “Reinventing Marketing Strategy by  Recasting Supplier/Customer Roles,” Journal of Service Management, 2014
  • With E. Närvänen and E. Gummesson, “The Collective Consumption Network,” Managing Service Quality, 2014
  • With H. Saarijärvi and H. Karjaluoto, “Customer Relationship Management: The Evolving Role of Customer Data,” Marketing Intelligence and Planning, 2013
  • With H. Saarijärvi and P.K. Kannan, “Value Co-Creation: Theoretical Approaches—Practical Implications,” European Business Review, 2013
  • With H. Saarijärvi and T. Rintamäki, “Facilitating Customers’ Post-Purchase Food Retail Experiences,” British Food Journal, 2013
  • With H. Saarijärvi and H. Karjaluoto, “Extending Customer Relationship Management: From Empowering Firms to Empowering Customers,” Journal of Systems and Information Technology, 2013
  • With E. Närvänen and E. Kartastenpää, “Online Lifestyle Consumption Community Dynamics: A Practice-Based Analysis,” Journal of Consumer Behavior, 2013
  • With H. Saarijärvi and M.T. Spence, “Using the Pairwise Comparison Method to Assess Competitive Priorities within a Supply Chain,” Industrial Marketing Management, 2012