Faculty Directory

Praveen K. Kopalle

Associate Dean for the MBA Program; Signal Companies' Professor of Management








PhD, Columbia University, 1992; MBA, Indian Institute of Management, 1988; BE, Osmania University, 1986

Areas of Expertise

Marketing, statistics, management science


Praveen Kopalle joined the Tuck School in 1996. In addition to his awards, research, and editorial accomplishments, Praveen is also a research director (Internet marketing and pricing) at the Glassmeyer/McNamee Center for Digital Strategies, and a faculty associate of William F. Achtmeyer Center for Global Leadership, both at the Tuck School. He is a marketing advisor for BeVocal, Inc., based in Santa Clara, CA and is an avid cricket enthusiast and a HAM radio operator.

Current Research Topics

  • Frequency rewards programs
  • Pricing
  • New products
  • Customer expectations
  • Dynamic models

Professional Activities

Academic positions

  • Tuck School of Business, 1996–present
  • Visiting Scholar, Indian School of Business, 2009
  • Bozzone Visiting Scholar, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2008
  • Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Arizona, 1992–96

Board memberships

  • Advisory Boards–Aten Works, Director in a Box Ltd., Be Vocal, Inc. (1999–2007) 

Editorial positions

  • Associate Editor, Journal of Consumer Research
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Retailing
  • Editorial Board, IIMB Management Review, IJTMKT, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Marketing Letters, Marketing Science, Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Management Science

Working Papers

  • With S. Voleti and P. Ghosh, “Enhancing Category Profitability by Incorporating Dynamic Elements of Competition,” 2015
  • With J. Burkhardt and K. Gillingham, “Can’t Take the Heat? Field Experiments in Residential Energy Conservation on Hot Texas Days,” 2015
  • With R. Fisher, B. Sud and K. Antia, “The Effects of Advertised Quality Emphasis and Objective Quality on Sales: Evidence from the US Mini-van Market,” 2015
  • With R. Raghunathan, “Productivity or Happiness? Assessing the Impact of Tax Rates Through Computer Mediated Simulation,” 2015
  • With D. Lehmann and J. Farley, "How General are the Customer Satisfaction and Expectation Formation Processes? Comparing the U.S., China, and India"
  • With F. ter Hofstede and R. Raghunathan, “Improving Click Through Rates of Ads in Mobile Device,” 2013  


  • 2015 Teaching Excellence Award in Core Curriculum at Tuck
  • Finalist, 2015 INFORMS Society on Marketing Long Term Impact Award
  • Best Paper Award of the Special Issue on Marketing and Innovation, International Journal of Research in Marketing
  • Winner, 2014 William R. Davidson Award, Journal of Retailing
  • AMA-Sheth Doctoral Consortium Faculty, 2013, 2009, 2005, 2001
  • Distinguished Alumnus Award 2011, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
  • Finalist, 2011 Marketing Science Institute’s Robert Buzzell Award
  • Winner of 2011 William R. Davidson Honorable mention award, Journal of Retailing
  • Thought Leader, Texas A&M Conference, Spring 2010
  • Visiting Scholar, July 2011, July 2010, Winter 2009 Indian School of Business
  • Finalist, 2006 John D. C. Little Best Paper Award
  • Winner, 2005 John D. C. Little Best Paper Award
  • Bozzone Visiting Scholar, Lally School of Management and Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Spring 2008
  • Thought Leader, “Customer Experience Management in Retailing,” Spring 2008
  • 2004 Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings
  • Winner, MSI Competition on Global Marketing, 2003
  • Most Productive Reviewer, Marketing Science, 2003
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award, Journal of Retailing, 2003
  • 1998 Harvey H. Bundy III Fellowship, Tuck School of Business
  • Research Grant Award, Center for Asia and the Emerging Economies, Tuck School
  • Undergraduate Marketing Professor of the Semester, Spring 1996
  • Recognition of Excellence, Spring 1996
  • Faculty Fellow, XIV Annual Doctoral Symposium, April 1996, University of Houston
  • Best undergraduate Marketing instructor, Spring 1995
  • Research Grant Award, University of Arizona Foundation in Fall 1994
  • AMA Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 1991
  • Merit Scholarship, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
  • National Merit Scholarship from Government of India (July 1982-May 1986) 

Selected Publications

  • With S. Voleti and P. Ghosh, “An Inter-product Model of Competition Incorporating Branding Hierarchy and Product Similarities Using Store Level Data,” Forthcoming, Management Science.
  • With D. Lehmann, “The Truth Hurts: How Customers May Lose From Honest Advertising,” Forthcoming, International Journal of Research in Marketing.
  • With E. Breugelmans, T. Bijmolt, J. Zhang, L. Basso, M. Dorotic, A. Minnema, W. Mijnlieff and N. Wünderlich, “Advancing Research on Loyalty Programs: A Future Research Agenda,” Forthcoming, Marketing Letters
  • With D. Hardesty, R. Goodstein, D. Grewal, and A. Miyazaki, “The Accuracy of Scanned Prices,” Journal of Retailing, 90 (2), 2014
  • With W. Kamakura and D. Lehmann, “Editorial: Empirical Generalizations in Retailing,” Forthcoming, Journal of Retailing, 2014
  • With S. Neslin, B. Sun, Y. Sun, and V. Swaminathan, "The Joint Sales Impact of Frequency Reward and Customer Tier Components of Loyalty Programs," Marketing Science, 31 (2): 216-35, 2012
  • With P.K. Kannan, L. Boldt, and N. Arora, "The Impact of Household Level Heterogeneity in Reference Price Effects on Optimal Retailer Pricing Policies," Journal of Retailing, 88 (1): 102-14, 2011
  • With V. Govindarajan and E. Danneels, "The Effects of Mainstream and Emerging Customer Orientations on Radical and Disruptive Innovations," Journal of Product Innovation Management, S1, November, 2011
  • With D. Grewal, K. Ailawadi, D. Gauri, K. Hall, and J. Robertson, "Innovations in Retail Pricing and Promotions," Journal of Retailing, 87, July, 2011
  • With D. Hoffman and T. Novak, "The "Right" Consumers for Better Concepts: Identifying and Using Consumers High in Emergent Nature to Further Develop New Product Concepts," Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (5), 2010
  • With D. Lehmann and J. Farley, "Customer Expectations, Satisfaction, and Culture: The Effects of Belief in Karma in India," Journal of Consumer Research, 37 (2), 2010