Alan Leventhal T'76

Alan Leventhal likes Tuck for a lot of reasons. He likes its size, its residential character, the close-knit environment. He likes the atmosphere at Tuck, the way it energizes the experience and makes it unique. He thinks the faculty are outstanding.

But there's one feature of Tuck that he especially appreciates that sometimes doesn't get included in lists of the school's top attributes—what the students themselves bring to Tuck. "Tuck attracts a quality of person who will shine in business," Leventhal says. "Then it builds on that strength."
Leventhal was attracted to Tuck after completing his undergraduate degree in economics at Northwestern University. He had considered taking a year off to work, but ultimately felt drawn to business school. "My mother said that if I got a job I would live at home with my father and her in Boston," he recalls. "That provided a strong incentive to go straight to Tuck and finish my formal education."

After graduating from Tuck in 1976, Leventhal went to work for Beacon Properties Corporation, a Boston-based real estate investment trust that his father and uncle founded in 1946. He helped take the firm public in 1994 as Beacon Properties Corporation, serving as president and CEO, and when he sold it three and a half years later it had grown from a $400 million company to a $4 billion enterprise. He then set up the private real estate investment firm Beacon Capital Partners, where today he's chairman and CEO.

Leventhal feels that his own success as a leader in business and the success of other Tuck graduates gets back to the issue of the students who enroll. "Tuck does a great job of preparing you to lead," he says, "but most elements of leadership are in place when students arrive. Tuck doesn't change the character of people—it attracts people with certain qualities and then reinforce those qualities. You learn teamwork, how to work toward a common goal, and how to lead others toward that goal. That's the most important factor in leadership, and that's what Tuck does very well."

Leventhal stays connected to Tuck in a variety of ways. He's a member of the board of overseers, he volunteers his time to lecture in real estate classes, he contributes financially, and his company hires Tuck graduates. He likes where Tuck is today, is excited about where it's heading.
"Tuck is an outstanding school that has improved with time," Leventhal says. "It continues to enrich and improve the quality of the educational experience. But it has needs. It has to expand the faculty. It has physical needs that are especially important on a campus where the residential experience is so connected to quality. I would encourage every Tuck graduate to look at your own experience and how it has contributed to your success. There is no better way for you to ensure the school's continued leadership than to provide it with financial resources." 

Tuck attracts a quality of person who will shine in business, then it builds on that strength.” Alan Leventhal T'76