H.J. Markley T'74

Of all the classes he took at Tuck, H.J. Markley says Vic McGee’s first-year statistics course stands out because it gave him "a framework for knowing which end of the risk curve I’m on when I make decisions."

One of the less risky decisions Deere & Company has made over the years involved starting a relationship with Tuck that is now more than three decades old. That relationship encompasses a variety of projects that benefit the school and the company, including a Tuck Global Consultancy project, in which a team of Tuck students served as consultants for Deere’s work in India and China. Markley, president of a division responsible for work on three continents, has been instrumental in developing and sustaining this relationship.

"At John Deere, we like what we see with Tuck students," he says. "We work in many different countries and cultures, doing work that involves different skill sets. That doesn’t lend itself to one person coming in and barking out orders that everyone executes. It involves people who are comfortable in a complex, unstructured situation, who work well together and execute effectively. Tuck students know how to come to the table and contribute."

Deere & Company has a strong and multifaceted corporate relationship with Tuck. The company has hired many Tuck graduates and has provided financial support, including funding to name the John Deere Meeting Room in the Murdough Center. It has also supported and sent employees to participate in a variety of Tuck programs, such as the Tuck Executive Education Global Leadership 2020 program and conferences on diversity and women in business.

Markley serves as a member of the Tuck board of overseers, has been a regular contributor to TAG, and in 2003 endowed the Markley Family Scholarship to support women at Tuck. 

At John Deere, we like what we see with Tuck students.” H.J. Markley T'74