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Ken F. T'12, May 23, 2012 | 0 comments
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One of my most popular posts during my two years here was Fall term in quotes, an unashamedly brief insight into some one-liners from my professors that ranged from insightful to cryptic, absurd to amusing, and thought-provoking to indecipherable in isolation. Here are quotes from the outstanding faculty I've had the pleasure of learning from during Winter and Spring terms this year. Enjoy...

"Who you are as a leader is who you are." - James Rice, Communicating with Presence

"If you go back to the gold standard, you leave monetary policy at the whim of geologists." - Jon Haskell, Europe in the Global Economy

"Science is universal; technology is local." - Brian Tomlin, Operations Strategy

"Do you think pharmaceutical companies want to find a cure for AIDS?" - Paul Argenti, Corporate Responsibility

"Manufacturing has undergone a second industrial revolution since the 1970s." - Ron Adner, Innovation Strategy (RTP)

"Kraft thought they were going to buy Cadbury and sell a lot of macaroni and cheese in India!" - Bob Howell, Financial Statement Interpretation and Analysis

"Absent tax effects, capital structure decisions are zero NPV projects." - Richard Sansing, Managerial Accounting

"Gee, whizz. People don't get excited about getting a quarter back anymore. But, you know, some teams could use a quarterback. Hey, whatever." - Scott Neslin, Sales Promotion

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