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Tuck OnSite Global Consulting Project in Tokyo, Japan

Guest Student Contributor, February 22, 2018

By Kohei Suwabe T'18 Japan is my home country and I worked in Japan for seven years prior to Tuck. When I was assigned to the OnSite Global Consulting project in Tokyo, Japan, I considered myself fluent in Japanese business culture and expected to primarily learn core consulting skills through Continue Reading 

My Favorite Professors at Tuck

Guest Student Contributor, February 16, 2018

By Ana Belén Mañón Suárez T'18 Coming to Tuck was the best decision I’ve made in my life. It’s hard to pick a single favorite thing here, but, as a person who came to Hanover to get inspired, I Continue Reading 

Considering an MBA? Start Here

Admissions, January 30, 2018

If you’re considering an MBA, don’t start with the GMAT—start here: Think about YOU. Think about your career path so far, the decisions you’ve made along the way, and where you want to be two years from now, ten years from now, Continue Reading 

Military & Financing Your MBA

Admissions, January 23, 2018

Let’s not mince words: MBAs are expensive. As a US military service member, you have resources available that may make the cost of an MBA, especially at Tuck, a much less daunting proposition. Be sure to explore all your financing opportunities so you understand what schools offer and Continue Reading 

TUCKCAST: Get to Know Tuck Associate Dean Praveen Kopalle

Guest Contributor, January 19, 2018

In the latest edition of TuckCast, Alen Amini T’18 sits down with Praveen Kopalle, associate dean for the Tuck MBA program and the Signal Companies’ Professor of Management. Kopalle shares more about his role at Tuck, what he’s currently researching, and his advice for prospective students Continue Reading 

Why Travel? A Tuck MBA Weighs In

Guest Student Contributor, January 04, 2018

By Tanvi Nayar T’18 If you are budgeting for school right now, then this post is for you. For starters, please add a new line item for traveling in that excel model you have created. I cannot, cannot, CANNOT stress enough the importance of traveling and exploring different cultures. Continue Reading 


Admissions, December 19, 2017

We know “waitlist” wasn't the decision you were hoping for. But rather than seeing this in a completely negative light, keep in mind that being waitlisted indicates there were many strengths in your application. Tuck receives a lot of applications and the pool is very competitive. Continue Reading 

Why I Left the Military and Chose Tuck

Guest Student Contributor, December 12, 2017

By Mike Keating If my decision to join the military was the best decision I ever made, then deciding to separate after eight years was the hardest. I felt lucky to be a member of teams which accomplished so much. I grew enormously, developed a great deal of confidence, and Continue Reading 

Tuckies Take on PE, VC in Boston

Guest Student Contributor, December 07, 2017

By Vitalie Djugostran T’18 20°F (-6°C) outside, a group of first- and second-year Tuck MBA students are boarding the bus in Hanover to go on a Private Equity and Venture Capital (PE/VC) trek in Boston. It is the first freezing morning in the Upper Valley, Continue Reading 

Creating My Tuck Story. What Will Yours Be?

Guest Student Contributor, December 06, 2017

By Tayo Odusanya T’19 A mantra we often hear at Tuck is “pay it forward.” So it would come as no surprise that Tuck’s participation in the MBA Tour recruiting event in Lagos on October 7, 2017 was the result of alumni, opting in when Continue Reading 

Q&A with Tuck Student Ambassador: Enrique Curiel

Admissions, December 05, 2017

Tuck Student Ambassadors collaborate with the Admissions Office to share their Tuck experience with prospective students. Part of this group is structured to represent eight geographical regions, with a Regional Captain leading each. In the coming months, we'll introduce you these student leaders! Today, meet Enrique Curiel, T'18 and Continue Reading 

Borealis Ventures: Venture Capital in Downtown Hanover

Guest Student Contributor, November 27, 2017

By Erica Toews T’18 When Phil Ferneau D’84, T’96 reflected on co-founding Borealis Ventures, he said, “How do you stay in the Upper Valley after Tuck? You get entrepreneurial.” The Entrepreneurship Club met Managing Director Ferneau and Associate Emily Snyder T’17 at the venture Continue Reading 

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