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Nordic Skiing Project

Martha Mesna T'19, April 30, 2018

By Martha Mesna T'19 The opportunity to participate in an international first-year project was something that I was very excited about when I chose to attend Tuck. I am passionate about international business and I viewed the FYPGO as the perfect way to gain working experience in a foreign country Continue Reading 

Tuck Represented at the World Government Summit in Dubai for the First Time

Vitalie Djugostran T'18, April 10, 2018

By: Vitalie Djugostran, T’18 In February 2018, for the first time, Tuck took part in the World Government Summit (WGS). The WGS is a global platform dedicated to shaping the future of governments worldwide. It is a knowledge-exchange forum that brings together leaders of businesses and non-profit institutions to discuss Continue Reading 

April 2018: What’s up at Tuck?

Luke Anthony Peña, April 05, 2018

By Luke Anthony Peña Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Happy April, friends! Spring is here in Hanover, along with lots of renewed excitement for what’s ahead at Tuck. As I start my ninth month at Tuck, I have a deep appreciation for our well-earned Continue Reading 

5 Reasons to Attend Tuck Military Visit Day

Guest Student Contributor, March 27, 2018

By David Bates T’18 and Keal Harter T’18 Upper Valley in spring. Although every season up here has its own flavor, the Upper Valley is a great place to be in the spring. It’s time to turn in the skis for hiking boots and trek the Continue Reading 

In Australia, Tuckies Project the Future of Retail Banking

Guest Student Contributor, March 20, 2018

Last fall, as part of a global experiential learning course at Tuck, I and five classmates spent three weeks in Australia, exploring ways to harness new technologies in retail loan origination and assessment processes. After completing some secondary research on-campus and conducting Continue Reading 

What to Expect at Admitted Students Weekend

Guest Student Contributor, March 19, 2018

We hope to see you on campus for ASW April 6-8, 2018! For more information, please contact Tuck Admissions. By Maria Treacy T'19, ASW co-chair Maybe you're on the fence about Tuck or getting an MBA in general. Maybe you sent in your deposit within seconds of getting that glorious Continue Reading 

Revers Center for Energy Reflection: Drilling 101

Guest Student Contributor, March 06, 2018

By Scott Hessen T’19 I quickly realized this would not be your average lecture when I saw my classmates dressed in oil-soaked and grease-stained work shirts from their past employers. Their clothing and the vivid images in the first few slides transported us to bustling drilling sites in West Continue Reading 

OnSite Global Consulting: Working with the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation

Guest Student Contributor, March 05, 2018

By Gillian Wong T’18 OnSite Global Consulting is one of three opportunities Tuck provides to students to learn more about working in a different country. I had already been on a Global Insight Expedition to Armenia, and wanted to continue broadening my international experience. As a result, I spent Continue Reading 

Exploring Boston’s Startup Scene

Guest Student Contributor, March 02, 2018

By Sajeev Popat T’19 At the end of January, 20 Tuck students "ventured” out of Hanover into Boston to explore the startup scene in Boston. Over the course of two days, we visited four startups in marketing, health care, cloud infrastructure, and fintech as well as four VCs with Continue Reading 

What We Learned: 2018 Tuck Private Equity Conference

Guest Student Contributor, February 28, 2018

By Lauren Baldwin T’19 Tuck’s 13th annual Private Equity Conference brought together nearly 250 professionals and students to discuss current trends in the industry and to share best practices in a competitive environment. I’d like to highlight a few themes from the conference, and thoughts from Continue Reading 

Endurance Companies: Entrepreneurship in Hanover

Guest Student Contributor, February 28, 2018

By Erica Toews T'18 Braden Pan T’15 hosted the Entrepreneurship Club at Endurance Companies in downtown Hanover. Located in the old Rosey Jekes building, which has been a coffee shop and high-end women’s clothing store, Endurance shares space with startups Picaboo and Vidigami. Endurance is Continue Reading 

Emerging Market Exposure at Tuck

Guest Student Contributor, February 22, 2018

By Kristin Unruh T’19 This might sound surprising, but one of the main reasons I came to Tuck was to get exposure to emerging markets.  Between Global Insight Expeditions, international First-Year Projects (FYPGO), school clubs, and classes, there are a lot of ways to feed my passion for Continue Reading 

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