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Carolyn Sherry - T'15, October 10, 2013 | 0 comments
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It’s Monday, October 7. What a week- here’s a quick timeline of events…

Monday, September 30: Take a Managerial Economics final. Three out of four MBA classes are done. Study for a Statistics Final.

Tuesday, October 1: Take a Statistics final. Fall A is officially complete and you’ve just earned nine credits in four weeks. Take a nap! After, head to yoga to really unwind.

Wednesday, October 2: Pile into a few cars with 13 other T’15s and friends (+ a chocolate lab named James-score!) who are not going on recruiting treks for Fall Break. Drive about two hours north to The Billings Lodge, a Dartmouth-owned cabin near Mount Washington. Go for a hike, see beautiful colors, enjoy a wonderful evening of great food and laughs over a game of Cards Against Humanity.

Thursday, October 3: Spend the day reading and relaxing since you sprained your ankle on Wednesday. This sprained ankle turns out to be a blessing because you have a full day to lay around, read a book that isn’t for class, and take a nap. Enjoy a great dinner when everyone returns, followed by a hilarious game of charades and impromptu dance party (a fellow T’15 literally brought his entire sound system- genius).

Friday, October 4: Pack up and wish the Billings Lodge a fond goodbye. Drive back to Hanover with new friends, all wishing we could stay up there and reminiscing on the great time had by all. Get back home and start the laundry you’ve neglected for about two weeks. Go to a yoga class in town and get in bed early.

Saturday, October 5: Spend the morning cleaning since you didn’t do much of that during Fall A. Spend the afternoon in Nashua, NH with a few friends walking in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light the Night Walk.

Sunday, October 6: Prepare for Fall B to start tomorrow! There are a few homework assignments due. Try to remember how bonds work for Capital Markets. Play goalie in your first official hockey game. It’s a blast and your team wins! And there are no injuries!!

Monday, October 7: Start a new round of classes. Wonder if you’re going to make it to Thursday afternoon with all of the work that is due. Reconnect with your long lost study group and figure out bonds. Play goalie and your second hockey game. Still a blast, although you’re a bit sore, and your team wins! Go to bed wiped out but happy.

It sounds like a lot, and it is, but weeks like these are typical here and I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve had and the great people I am getting to know.

(**I know I'm just publishing this on Thursday... the week did get busy! Happy to report: All homework got done. Have a great weekend!)

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