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Ken F. T'12, May 22, 2012 | 0 comments
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My first class at Tuck was the Yellowtail case in AGM. My study group had spent literally hours preparing it - reading, analyzing, calculating, debating - and we were relatively efficient. Some groups went as far as to check flight schedules between cities mentioned in the case, to figure out whether it was feasible for the protagonist to be in meetings in separate cities on the same day.

We walked into the crucible that is Stoneman classroom, ready to do battle with the most fearsome gladiator of them all - Professor Paul Argenti. The air was so tense as we awaited the first cold call that it felt like there must be a tiger in the room. Argenti deliberately asked his opening question in such a way that we knew he would add the person's name he was cold calling at the end of the sentence. The room sharply took in and held its breath as he spoke. "Jessie". 69 people exhaled a short sigh relief - phew - then immediately tensed up again in solidarity, willing Jessie to do well. It doesn't take long to establish the famous Tuck spirit in the classroom. With complete composure, Jessie articulated a fantastic response. It was so much better than I would have done. There was a spontaneous, rapturous round of applause from the entire class. And we were off...

The classroom experience at Tuck has often been incredible; great thinkers and communicators discussing interesting ideas in a respectful but challenging way. I will miss it. On Thursday, I had my last ever class at Tuck (the photo above was taken after its conclusion). And yesterday morning, I turned in my Managerial Accounting final - my last ever deliverable at Tuck. I have officially completed all the academic requirements of my MBA. It's over! It's hard to believe Yellowtail wasn't just last month. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to spend two years in classes here and for all I've learned along the way. Now I'm ready to go and put it into practice.

Here is a video of our class photo being taken - thanks to the T'13s for a great send-off! (Yes, that is Call Me Maybe playing again!)


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