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Guest blogger, Kathy Buck, is a T’14 and ASW Communication Committee Co-Chair. Almost completely student run, Kathy and the bulk of her classmates volunteer their time to plan and execute the event that is happening in just three days!

 I can’t believe it’s already been a WHOLE YEAR since I attended ASW. I was so nervous beforehand! What to pack? Where to go? Where to park? Who will I meet? Fortunately, I had no need to worry, as the T’13 class had the entire weekend under control. Once I arrived, I quickly realized that everything would be completely taken care of, and this year is no different. In fact, I just emerged from an ASW planning meeting and, believe me when I say, the ASW team has thought of everything!

After I arrived and registered, the attendees gathered in Cook auditorium for the welcome session. It began with an offer of congratulations to our class and everyone applauded. I remember looking around at the other folks in the room and each and every one of them was beaming with pride. It was a memorable start to an incredible weekend.

I remember everything about the rest of the weekend. I went to dinner at Elixir one night and spent the second night at a small group dinner hosted by a T’12 (my first of many awesome “SGD”s). I sat in on a mock class with the one, and only, Professor Argenti. My optional activity for the weekend was a Holt’s Ledge hike and we celebrated at the top with a champagne toast. And even though it started to torrentially downpour on our descent, it was my first Tuck team experience and a complete blast. We danced to the music played by the Tuck Band and I had my first Long Trail beer (a local brewery you are bound to encounter that lies between here and Killington).  While I was completely exhausted on Sunday, I was thrilled about the entire experience. I eagerly anticipated the next time (Orientation!) that I would be back in the Cook auditorium with the Class of 2014.

We made it!

Everyone here at Tuck is looking forward to meeting all of the ASW attendees!  Three more days until the weekend begins!

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