Boston Lot Lake: Enjoying the last days of fall

Marcy H. TP'14, October 14, 2012 | 0 comments
Tags: partners and families, Hanover NH, Upper Valley

Last week we went on a hike up to Boston Lot Lake.  There's a longer trail you can take, but we opted for the shorter 10 minute walk up from a nearby parking lot.  It's a pretty easy hike, with a great reward at the end.

I think we hit the peak fall foliage about a week ago, and since then it feels like our days of fall are numbered... the trees are looking more bare by the day, and Friday night we had our first frost.  I'm hoping we still have at least a few more weeks before it our first snow... although Donovan, my four year old, thinks it is taking TOO LONG for the snow to get here!

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