Career Services: On- and Off-Campus Recruiting

Admissions, March 21, 2017 | 0 comments
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Last week, we talked about the career exploration process at Tuck. This week, job opportunities and recruiting! You've seen the stats, you recognize the companies, but how does this whole thing work? Well, it varies. Some industries have been recruiting MBAs forever and have fairly structured processes, like consulting, financial services, and consumer goods/brand management. These companies are likely to recruit on campus. Other industries might not focus their hiring on the MBA pipeline, or are smaller and are looking to hire fewer people (i.e. start-ups). This category lends itself to off-campus recruiting.

Recruiting services offered by the Career Development Office (CDO):

On-Campus Recruiting

Off-Campus Recruiting

*When recruiters come to campus, they interview people from a “closed list” and an “open list.” They get to choose who makes the closed list based on a resume book. You, as a student, will have a chance to get on the open list with a winning “bid.” Every Tuck student is allotted the same number of points in order to bid for interviews with the companies of their choosing. This is a fantastic opportunity for career switchers, whose resume itself might seem less competitive. You'll hear about this in more detail as a student!

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