Club Spotlight: Hispanic-American Student Association

Guest Student Contributor, August 08, 2014 | 0 comments
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The Hispanic-American Student Association, or HASA, has defined its mission as follows; to enrich the professional, academic, social, and cultural pursuits of our members. Although HASA's activities are focused towards Tuck's Hispanic student community, all students are welcome and encouraged to participate in our events. HASA also seeks to support other student and cultural groups on campus.  Each year, its members help organize Tuck’s Diversity Conference and Admitted Students Weekend. 

Last year, HASA’s events included:

Student groups at Tuck play a very different role than similar groups might elsewhere.  As part of the Hispanic student organization during undergrad, there wasn’t the same level of comfort as to how the organization interacted with the rest of the student body; events were primarily attended only by members of our club.  Diversity is such an integral part of the way that Tuck functions—diverse professional experience, nationalities, cultures, upbringings—that student organizations play a role that’s very unique to Tuck.  Here, people are inquisitive by nature, and actively seek out opportunities to broaden their experience. 

The events HASA held this past year were a great example of this.  A very large and diverse part of Tuck students, partners, and faculty attended our movie night, TuckTails, and other events, and did so because they were genuinely interested in and enjoyed exposure to new perspectives and experiences.  This level of inquisitiveness and the collaboration that comes along with it are really defining characteristics of Tuck’s program, and a few of the many reasons we are excited to help lead HASA this coming academic year. 

- 2014-2015 HASA Co-Chairs (Leslie, Mateo, and Ruben)

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