Club Spotlight: Ski, Board, Skate

Guest Student Contributor, July 18, 2014 | 0 comments
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Inclusiveness, camaraderie, participation—these are Tuck traditions. From club meetings to student-run symposia to volunteering in the wider community, you'll find ways to get involved at Tuck. And when they're not studying or recruiting, Tuckies sure know how to have a good time. Below is a sampling of student-run clubs that bring people together to do just that; whether it’s a beautiful July morning like today, or the scenic New England winter, Tuck students are known for embracing it all.

The Tuck Ski & Snowboard Club: This club was created to maximize winter time activities on the slopes, making it as easy as possible to enjoy what the Upper Valley (and beyond) has to offer.  Winter can be long at Tuck, but we strive to make sure we take full advantage of mother nature's snowy gift each year.  We work to offer steep and deep (pun intended) discounts on season passes to local mountains.  For those new to the sport, we offer events with local vendors to provide discounts on gear as well as lessons and opportunities to enjoy the mountain away from those who prefer to rip and huck their meat.  For the avid (or wannabe) racer, we organize Thursday Night Race Leagues, which introduces the Upper Valley community to the steeze of the Tuck racing community.  These Thursday nights don't require skill but they do require guts and a shrewd approach to the Chinese downhill patio strategy.  Finally, a spring break ski trip is offered each year at a mountain that is not Killington - the last two years have been held at Sun Valley and Steamboat.  Whether you shred the gnar or prefer to just meet for après ski, join 80+ of your classmates in a ski town for an unforgettable week filled with Tuck activities and camaraderie.

The Ski & Snowboard Club is open to all levels of experience, and welcomes anyone crazy enough to strap one or two slick boards to their feet and head straight (or sideways) down a mountain.  Bring on the winter!

The Tuck A & B Ice Hockey Teams: These teams provide an opportunity for former high school and college ice hockey stars to revisit their glory days on the ice.  These two teams compete in Upper Valley leagues and also play other MBA teams at tournaments throughout the year.  In 2014, the A Team won their league championship and the HBS Tournament in March, and the B Team finished third in their league!  These two teams look forward to hosting the Tuck Hockey Tournament this year for other MBA teams and Tuck Alums, and the players can’t wait to get back out on the ice.

HBS Tournament champs! 


The B Team, AKA the Mighty Ducks, celebrate after a hard fought 3rd place finish in their league! 

For the majority of Tuck students who aren’t so skilled in the rink, Tripod Hockey is a likely choice – look for this group to be featured soon!

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