Electing Your Future

Laura T'13, September 25, 2012 | 0 comments
Tags: second year, curriculum

The second year is different in a lot of ways.  One way is that we get to choose our own classes!  Last year was full of core classes, which were necessary and great.  Last year, we were able to choose two electives in the spring term, but now, our entire schedules are up to us!  We control the subject matter we take, take classes from the professors we like, schedule around our personal preferences (don’t like to wake up early? Great!).  
Beyond the convenience and choice, its really refreshing to start to tailor my MBA experience to what I want.  Though Tuck has a general management focus, this year I’m able to dive much deeper into subject matter that I’m interested in, like operations, marketing, and strategy, and I can leave some of the topics that tortured me behind.  That said, I elected to take an accounting class last spring and an investment course this fall.  I’m a strong believer in pushing yourself and in finding out which are the best professors and taking those classes.  I definitely learned a lot last spring (but not without struggles) and I’m looking forward to learning a lot this fall.  While its great to develop a specialty, I came to Tuck to round out my management portfolio.  Second year electives allow you to do all that.  Best of all, it allows you to decide if you want to specialize and/or if you want to develop your overall general management skill set.

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