Experiential Learning the Tuck Way: Faculty Going the Extra Mile for Global Insight Expeditions

Lisa Miller, January 07, 2015 | 0 comments
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Lisa Miller is director of Global Insight Expeditions, On-Campus Global Programs. 

Unparalleled access to faculty and a commitment to teaching are hallmarks of the Tuck experience. This doesn’t just apply on-campus—it also applies off-campus, during experiential learning courses.

A great example is Global Insight Expeditions (GIXs). GIXs are global immersion courses led by Tuck faculty. During these courses, students travel with faculty for eight to ten days in one or two different countries. They visit corporations, non-profits, and cultural sites; interact with local people; and reflect on what they have seen and heard. Through GIXs, students test out classroom concepts and develop crucial leadership skills.

I am deeply impressed by the way in which our faculty go the extra mile to ensure that GIXs are as rich as possible. Some of my favorite examples include:

All of these professors are highly accomplished, and their expertise is hotly sought after by corporations, journalists, and fellow academics. Nonetheless, they invest considerable time—not to mention personal and professional capital—in their GIXs. In my mind, this is a perfect illustration of one of the key advantages of Tuck—the devotion of our faculty. I look forward to continuing to work with faculty on this year’s GIXs and sharing the stories about the great learning experiences that result!

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