First year over! (Best year of my life)

Justin R T'13, May 27, 2012 | 0 comments
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Wow. I can’t believe my first year is over. Fall A and B, Winter and Spring Terms. All over. What an experience it’s been. It was pretty difficult zeroing in on a particular topic to write about for this post because so much has happened in my year at Tuck. So I figured it was best just to talk about how much has changed for me since that day in August, almost a year ago, that I first stepped foot on campus as an enrolled student. 
On the academic front, I’ve learned so much since I’ve came here. I’m surprised by how much I’ve been able to retain. Looking back, the Fall coursework was key to the academic foundation Tuck has helped me build. I have to hand it to the MBA Program Office (more commonly referred to as the MBAPO), they have really perfected the schedule and design of this term. On any given day, they know exactly how heavy the assignment load is, which assignments are due and which events are being held that may interfere with coursework. This master design is extremely effective, and is a huge reason as to why Tuck is so well known for its academics. The Winter and Spring terms are both rich in knowledge and learning, mainly because the Fall term has imbued all of us with a higher-level understanding of finance, economics and strategy. The academic highlight of my year was the Managerial Accounting class I took in the Spring term, taught by Professor Sansing (who’s house I will be visiting next term for a BBQ and pool party!). This class is known to be one of the toughest courses at Tuck, and Accounting was something I wasn’t familiar with whatsoever in my previous life as an Engineer. Professor Sansing taught this class masterfully, and I can honestly say I’ve never taken a better class, nor have I ever learned that much in a single term.
I’m sure the recruiting process this year was responsible for more than a few of the grey hairs that now pepper my head. But the hard work and countless cases done with my peers paid off (I’m currently sitting in the passenger seat of a car driving down to DC, where I will spend the summer working for BCG). I’ll always be amazed by the plethora of internship opportunities that were made available through the CDO. I couldn’t believe the amount of access we had to so many recruiters, being a small school and all. Looking back, I think the most surprising (and satisfying) aspect of the recruiting process was how little my previous experience counted towards my ability to secure an internship. The bid system for interview placement, combined with the rigorous admissions process Tuck employs, left no single Tuckie with any significant competitive advantage over another (at least in my experience with Consulting recruiting). The recruiters saw us all as exceptional talents to start with. After all, we were good enough to get into Tuck! The harder you work, the more likely you are to succeed in securing any job you want in any industry. It was an amazing feeling.

Although there is absolutely nothing I can say to do justice to the social scene/community here at Tuck, I will do my best to describe what it has done for me through my first year at Tuck. Long, grueling weeks of academics and recruiting often ended with amazing events planned by fellow Tuckies to help us unwind and recharge. Tripod Hockey and Rugby are directly responsible for friendships with
 teammates that will last a lifetime. I’ve taken road trips, spent nights in cabins, gone skydiving and trekked to other countries with classmates. I can literally name every student at this school and count each one as a friend. I applied to Tuck because I felt I knew what this community was, and I knew the school was a good fit. What an underestimation. This community went above and beyond my expectations, and the sincerity and devotion my classmates display to each other and to Tuck continues to surprise me. I’m counting the days until I get back to Hanover and re-connect with my class.

The investments I’ve made in coming to Tuck have, in my mind, already paid off. If you are considering applying to Tuck for admission with the Class of 2015, I urge you to visit the school and experience it firsthand.
What a year.
P.S. - As I previously mentioned, I’m moving into my summer apartment in Washington, D.C. today. I am going to post a few video blogs over the summer to share my summer experience with you (there are many T’12s, T’13s and T’14s that I will be connecting with here) and answer any questions you may have. I know the application season is fast approaching, so please: leave a comment or e-mail me with questions you have about Tuck, Hanover, applying, or anything else on your mind!
P.P.S. – A fond farewell to Ken Frasier. He’s posted some absolutely phenomenal entries onto this blog. If you are new to the Tuck Admissions Blog, I strongly suggest searching out his posts and reading a few. He paints a great picture of what it means to be at Tuck. 

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