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I’m sure that internship recruiting is at the front of everyone’s mind, so I’d like to share my experience in off-campus recruiting. As I’ve mentioned before, I came to Tuck focused on spending my summer in the energy industry so I apologize that I can’t speak to the banking and consulting recruiting processes. However, I hope that my experience is helpful for prospective Tuckies whose interests are outside of those industries.

An important thing to keep in mind about off-campus recruiting is that you have tremendous support available to you in the Tuck Career Development Office. I am personally grateful for the individual counseling that I received from Jon Masland in steering my summer recruiting search. As you probably know, Tuck’s Career Development Officers specialize in certain industries, and energy is one of the industries in Jon’s portfolio. We met early in the Fall term so that I could learn about the resources available to me. Jon had a list of Tuckies working in energy at his fingertips who he suggested would be good contacts to learn more about what industry segments and firms would be a good fit for my interests and aspirations. While I was working the Tuck energy network I also participated in recruiting treks led by the Dartmouth Energy Collaborative (DEC) to Boston and San Francisco. Both were excellent in helping me take a closer look at firms in the clean energy space. As an aside, the Tuckies we met were always incredibly gracious hosts and I will be forever grateful for the time they took to introduce their firms and share their passion for energy.

The DEC and GeneralManagement Clubs were fantastic resources as I applied and prepped for interviews. The second year students were fantastic mock interviewers and gave me very useful critical feedback on my resume and cover letter. I found that you just have to make time every week to devote to some of the essential, but not necessarily exciting, recruiting tasks such as polishing your resume or nailing your behavioral interview stories.

Throughout this process I had multiple check-ins with Jon who was always ready to offer sage advice when I occasionally came to him with an off-the-wall idea or question. He really helped me play to my strengths during the recruiting process and didn’t try to fit me into a mold to meet the expectations of a corporate recruiter. I appreciate how Tuck offers every student the chance to blaze their own trail academically, professionally, and socially and found that internship recruiting was no exception to this rule.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for writing this blog. The idea that the representative helped you highlight your strength instead of moulding you to meet the expectation, is really the highlight of your blog. This speaks a lot about ways in which tuck is different from other B-Schools.

Appreciate your effort for sharing your experience.

Aditya Sharma

By Aditya Sharma on 2013 09 03

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