Jumping in (where you hadn’t expected)

Marcy H. TP'14, June 05, 2012 | 0 comments
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One of my favorite parts of ASW (Admitted Students Weekend) back in April was the mock class we participated in. As a partner rather than a student, I had not expected this to be the case. 
We’d had a busy day, taking a tour of Hanover with friends in the morning.  After lunch I attended a panel for the Tuck Partners on life in Hanover, and then I had a break.  I considered spending it outdoors, enjoying the beautiful sunshine...but instead decided on a whim to join my husband, Zach (T’14), at the mock class.  I didn’t really know what to expect of the class.  When I realized the topic was corporate responsibility, I sat up in my chair a little -- this was something I was pretty interested in. Professor Paul Argenti introduced a case about Starbucks and their decision to introduce Fair Trade coffee to their menu.  Quickly I went from thinking I’d just be a fly on the wall, to being an active participant in the class discussion. It’s been long enough since I was a student that I’d forgotten how fun that can be!  There wasn’t any part of ASW that I didn’t enjoy, but that class stood out for me as a welcome surprise and really neat experience.
Tuck Partners have the ability to audit nearly any class offered at Tuck at no extra cost.  After sitting in that class at ASW, I started to think more seriously about this amazing opportunity and how I could take advantage of it. After all, being able to sit in on classes given at one of the top business schools in the world is kind of a big deal.  I think my plan will be to devote Fall A & B to getting our family settled in the area and supporting Zach in what I hear will be a pretty grueling first half of the school year, but in the spring I may have to dive into a class or two... I’ll let you know how that goes!
By the way, this is my first official posting as a new contributor to this blog, but I also wrote once before as a guest blogger on our experience applying and getting accepted into Tuck.  As a short introduction, I am a Montessori teacher by trade but have been at home with the kids the past few years-- we have two boys who are 4 years and 18 months old.  I’ve lived in Chile, Texas, California, and Switzerland, and am looking forward to adding New Hampshire to the list in just over a month! 

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