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Dennis D. - T'14, November 17, 2012 | 0 comments
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Tuck can be something different to every student; it can provide the launchpad to switch careers, the skills to progress up the corporate ladder, or the time to build your network and launch your own business. It is what you make it.

As a parent, though, the academic and recruiting demands make business school challenging. However, the unique environment at Tuck and the surrounding Upper Valley helps smooth the transition.  Within days of the start of classes, my wife and I had met numerous other couples, both with and without children.  We quickly began to build friendships that have helped make the first few months unforgettable.  Weekly playdates for Tiny Tuckies provide a way for partners to get to know each other, and events like the Tiny Tuckie Halloween parade showed me just how much Tuck values the families of students.  More than 30 little tikes were seen roaming around the halls of Tuck, fully costumed, with stops for candy at departments and professors' offices all across campus.

As goes the common refrain, time management is everything.  That phrase holds even more weight for parents, as you don't want to miss a moment.  It takes discipline to keep your priorities straight (family first), but the opportunities to participate with your family at Tuck create an extrememly rich set of memories that you won't soon forget.

Tigger on the loose @ Tuck
Weekend out in the Upper Valley
Keene Pumpkin Festival with new friends (45 min from campus)

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