Learning Expeditions: Behind the Scenes with CGBG Executive Director

Stephanie B. - Admissions, May 09, 2013 | 0 comments
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The Center for Global Business and Government at Tuck is dedicated to programs and activities that prepare business leaders to better understand, shape, and succeed in the dynamic interactions between business and government in the global economy. The CGBG does this through outreach, research, and MBA enrichment.

Perhaps one of the most popular opportunities for MBA enrichment is the offering of half-term-elective courses known as Learning Expeditions (LEs). LEs provide access to people and organizations shaping the global business environment, cultural experiences carefully designed by local experts, and the opportunity to gain a global business perspective.

Executive Director of the Center for Global Business and Government, Lisa Miller, recently contributed a guest post to the center’s blog. Entitled ‘What can I learn about global business in 10 days?’ the post goes behind the scenes to outline Tuck’s distinctive and efficient approach to global exploration.

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