My Journey from China to Tuck - Part II

Guest Student Contributor, August 08, 2013 | 0 comments
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Originally from Beijing, Sylvia is excited to spend the next two years in Hanover, NH as a member of Tuck’s Class of 2015.  She’s also looking forward to sharing her experiences with you, on the Admissions Blog!  Make sure to check out the first part of of Sylvia’s "Journey to Tuck" as well!

Knowing exactly what I wanted from the MBA experience and in what environment I would be happy and thrive, I only applied to Tuck and another school. Since I want to switch to PE or consulting, Tuck’s location wouldn’t be a problem for me as every major consulting firm (and bank) recruit on campus and, with PE, I could always do informational interview over the phone or just jump on the Dartmouth Coach if I need to visit firms in Boston or NYC.

Visiting Hanover a week before the EA deadline was a blast. The campus is typical North American – reminded me of my exchange year at Georgia Tech – with understated but tasteful architectures and is full of tradition. The students were very welcoming. After I introduced myself in the class that I sat for, everyone applauded. Even after the class, two T’14s came up to me to introduce themselves and connected with me. The Leading Individuals & Teams class that I sat for was inspirational – I loved how the case method intrigues critical thinking, collision of opinions and sharing of students’ diverse perspectives. The interview with a T’13, Karen, was just amazing. We talked about who I was before, who I am now and who I want to be in the future – it’s just like chatting with a new friend who genuinely takes interests in you.

The Tuck experience went on to re-assure me that I’ve chosen the right school even after I left Hanover. The students I’ve met on campus warmly answered my questions and connected me to more students who they think could help me. In the admitted students’ Facebook group, every question is responded within hours. T’14s from my home country had voluntarily arranged Skype meeting for admitted Chinese students before we move to Hanover.

This summer, I did a pre-MBA internship with a PE fund – had I not been admitted to Tuck, this kind of opportunity might not come to me or be obtained with such ease. I am sure that Tuck will open more doors to me in the coming two years and beyond.

Having lived in two densely populated Asian metropolises for 27 years, I’m now very excited to be able to enjoy the beautiful New England scenery and do canoeing, golf, hockey and ski. More on that later and good luck to all you guys out there who are contemplating to apply to Tuck!

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