(Part) of what makes Tuck great: Tripod Hockey

Dennis D. - T'14, November 21, 2012 | 0 comments
Tags: Social and Extracurricular, community

I grew up in Florida.  My idea of ice is a snow-cone.  Despite a preview of cold weather during my college days, I have spent the last six years in Los Angeles.  When it comes to ice-skating, I'm somewhere between "Novice" and "Ouch! That had to hurt!"

When you come to Tuck though, you'll soon realize there are no excuses to miss out on Tripod Hockey.  Tripod starts early in the Fall with second year captains forming teams.  Games are late--academics come first!--but the camraderie you share by learning to skate late at night with a bunch of people you've met once or twice is second to none.

As disappointing as it was for my team to not make it to the championships, the experiences along the way overshadowed whether we won or lost.  Similar to seeing a study group member grasp a new concept after struggling with it, the improvement I saw in my teammates during the few short months we played was pretty inspiring.  Despite being less than a quarter of the way through my Tuck experience, it will be hard to top Tripod.  I guess there's always the Winter season...

Final Game of the Season

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