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Claire B. TP14, November 19, 2012 | 0 comments
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Tuckies are pretty awesome, but let's be honest... so are Tuck Partners (TPs).   They continue to impress me in so many different ways--too many to delve into in a single post.  For now, I thought I'd post a broad overview of the numerous and diverse partner clubs and activities that exist, and then in subsequent posts dive a bit deeper into how those all play out.

So, basic question: what's there for a TP to do at Tuck?

Upon arriving to Tuck, several TPs assume positions on the Partner Board, which is an informal body that essentially organizes partner-related committees and clubs and events.  Remote partners are certainly welcome to hold Partner Board positions, too.  Some inherit positions that were there last year (for example managing the partner side of Admitted Students Weekend (this year April 19, 2013 to April 20, 2013, mark your calendar!) while others suggest and head up new groups based on their own areas of interest/experience.

This year we have committees for the following areas of interest:

There's also a Social Chair position that coordinates opportunities for the entire TP community not around any specific theme or area of interest (things like a movie night, game watch party, free skate at a local rink or Occom Pond, bowling night, a show at the Hop, etc.)

There are of course countless informal TP meetups that happen on their own; potlucks, dance parties, etc.  There's also lots of overlapping with student activities, such as participating in philanthropic groups and drives, pickup sports (soccer, frisbee, football), school sports (rugby, ice hockey), and more.  Partners are always welcome on the student social scene.

You can be as engaged as you want to be, but there's certainly no shortage of opportunity.  There's no pressure to take on leadership positions or attend any group event regularly, either (*I have yet to attend a book club meeting but every month I try and one of these months I hope to succeed).  Groups and clubs are just there in case you find yourself in need of some quality time with fellow TPs.

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