Apr 05, 2017

Patagonia Director Talks the Company’s Mission-Based Strategy

By Carole Gaudet

Vincent Stanley is one of Patagonia’s founding employees and its long-time chief storyteller. He delivered the closing keynote address at this year’s Business & Society Conference: “Business NOT As Usual.” In his address, Stanley discusses Patagonia’s gradual journey toward responsibility—and what the company now views as its most important challenges in the decades to come. He also speaks from his own experience about what makes a working life meaningful, over the long haul, in a time of social and environmental crisis. 

Stanley is co-author with Yvon Chouinard of The Responsible Company, and has been with Patagonia on and off since the company’s beginning in 1973, for many of those years in key executive roles as head of sales or marketing. He helped develop the Footprint Chronicles, the company’s interactive website that outlines the social and environmental impact of its products; the Common Threads Initiative; and Patagonia Books.

Listen to the full keynote address below:

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