Places to Visit: Maine

Luis G - T'13, March 05, 2012 | 0 comments
Tags: New England

Prior to Tuck, I had not spent too much time in New England and the surrounding areas.  Now that I'm in Hanover, it's the perfect time to visit nearby cities.  One of the places that I recently visited is Portland, Maine.  Portland is about 170 miles from Hanover and a nice place to spend a weekend.  Word on the street is that Maine serves up a mean lobster but I’m not much for crustaceans so I’ll believe this rumor.  Perhaps the only negative was that my smartphone was not so smart because almost every search for restaurants or streets kept sending me to Portland, Oregon. 

The obligatory visit to a lighthouse.  A trip to Maine isn't complete without one.  The lighthouse was closed this particular day so I used the flash on my phone to alert incoming ships from danger.

A nice view of the ocean.  If you look close enough you can probably see some of my classmates who are visiting Cape Town, assuming they are overlooking the Atlantic side.

A view of the marina.  My 70' yacht was not docked today but I'll make sure to take it out in the summer.

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